2014 Goals

Though the new year has just started, I’ve been thinking (okay, stressing) about the next chapter in my life. With school ending, I’ve been really thinking about who I am now and where I want to be. This might be weird or sad, but I’ve always had a difficult time picturing myself in the future. I’ve had general goals for my 20’s such as graduate college, get a job I don’t hate, get married, have two kids. Uhh well, things didn’t seem to go as planned, haha. I know now that we are the only people who can make changes in our lives, but we have to truly want them first. So many people bitch and moan about their lives and why things are the way they are, but many never end up at least trying to change anything about it. I’m not knocking these people- I was one of them! I refer to it as my “floundering, running in circles years”, haha. Anyways, here are a few of my goals for the upcoming year.

Get a job 🙂 This is pretty vague, but I’m not going to be picky. Any sort of income will be better than none, and I will gain some experience and possibly even connections while working. I’ll obviously continue searching if doesn’t make me happy. I’m trying to be optimistic about this…

Human Resources certificate-  I’m two classes shy of receiving this cert and I want it! I don’t know how much it will help me, but it certainly can’t hurt and it’s only two classes so how can I not if this is the field I want to make my way into someday? Although I have a concentration in business, my bachelor’s degree is pretty broad, so this certification along with the Organizational Leadership and Supervision one I already have may help increase my chances of landing a job in this field one day. However, it’s through Purdue; I’m living across the country and won’t be moving back….like ever, haha. I’ve already contacted the school and I can actually take one class at UTEP (Employee and Labor Relations) and have that transferred over, then take the last class (Training Methods which is offered all semesters) online through PNC. The downside is that I’ll more than likely have to pay out-of-state tuition for that last class since I’m no longer an Indiana resident. Huge boo, but I keep telling Tyler it’s only one class that will be pretty pricey, haha. I start the first class at UTEP on Monday and it’s a Wintermester course so it’s a 16 week semester condensed into 2 weeks. I’m just beginning my job search so have the time to do it now and figured it’d be better to get it out of the way! I’ll then take the online Training Methods class through Purdue in the Summer or Fall (depending on the job I have by then and what will work best with my schedule) and complete the certificate by December 🙂


Photo of my walk to a class at UTEP in October 2013. The campus is beautiful!

Learn more about blogging-  I’m an amateur when it comes to this whole blogging thing. I’m not technologically savvy to begin with, so it was overwhelming and intimidating to even start this blog. Tyler kept telling me to just take the plunge, and after a few months I finally did even though I wasn’t really sure what I would write about (and most of my posts are probably pointless but who cares, haha). I feel like I have so much to learn when it comes to this, and I put it on the back burner while being in school as sitting in front of the computer longer than I needed to be (I’ve always taken online and face-to-face classes) wasn’t going to happen.

Be a good wife (and sister/daughter/friend, etc.)-  This one sounds totally lame and I’m sure there’s no one on Earth that plans to be a bad wife, but I think it’s extremely important to keep putting effort into your relationships whether they are intimate, familial, or friendly. Relationships are a two way street so it can be frustrating if you think the other half isn’t meeting you halfway. However, instead of being reactive to these instances it’s best to try and be proactive. As much as you want to try, you can’t change others but you can control how you react. Also, I’m old school and like tangible cards, letters, just little reminders that you’re being thought of. I sent a few packages/cards to my immediate family members in 2013, but I want to do even more. It’s difficult living far away from those you love and things like this can make it easier.


Christmas 2011

Run a race-  This is pathetic, but despite working out avidly over the past few years I haven’t ever ran a race in my life. I’ve taken somewhat of a break over the past two months (still walk/jog/strength train) and I have no intentions on doing intense training. However, we live in an area where there are numerous races throughout the year (and despite the extreme heat in the summer the weather here year-round is great) and I want to participate in a few. I guess I was nervous because I’m not an awesome runner- my husband is fast and it’d make me self-conscious running with him and I don’t know that many girls out here to run with. Bottom line- I was being a big baby 🙂 I’m also cheap and didn’t see the point of spending money on entrance fees to run if I wasn’t going to go balls out. That mindset is changing for 2014.

Put a dent in my student loans- I’m beyond thankful that I finished my degree, but I want to pay off my loans asap. I consider myself a pretty frugal person (you don’t even want to know some of the cheap things I do, haha) so hopefully this will help. I was always terrified of debt- I didn’t even get my own credit card until I meant Tyler and he told me I HAD to establish some more credit. I acquired a credit card and have continued to only charge what can be paid off the following month (I mostly use it for gas). Despite never making much money with my previous job, I’ve always had the mindset that you don’t buy things unless you can afford them now. Well, that really isn’t real life. I’m actually grateful for this quality though…my uncle told me it’s the little things in life that add up and to save your pennies! 😉


Last day of undergrad classes…my husband is one lucky man 😉

Do more traveling- Tyler will probably be shaking his head with this one because I know our ultimate goal is to pay off some things (my student loans don’t count), but I hope that we’re able to take more weekend trips during the next year. We live in a pretty prime location to travel to Vegas, the Grand Canyon (I’ve never been but he has), California (hint, hint Tyler…if you even read this!), and other cities in Texas so even though we may not have the financial means to take the belated beach honeymoon that I want (not to sound like a brat, haha), it’d be nice to make some memories that are a bit closer! Who knows where we will be stationed next, and it would be nice to take in as much of the Southwest as we can during our stay in El Paso.


Our first trip together. North Carolina, July 2010.

Volunteer- If I’m not able find a job right away then I want to invest some time into volunteering (seriously hope someone hires me though…). Not only will this make me feel good, but I can add it to my resume and hopefully make more connections in El Paso/Fort Bliss.

What are some of your goals for 2014?

Do you have student loans?

What is the best vacation you have been on?


4 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. Those are some awesome goals! One of mine for the new year is to be better about cleaning and organizing our apartment regularly so I don’t have to “binge clean” haha. Keeping up with chores is one thing that falls to the wayside when I get busy with school. Good luck with the job search!

  2. OOOOH I think you should definitely do a post on some of the things you do to save money!! haha I always love hearing other people’s frugal strategies 🙂 And your uncle is totally right- you should be happy you have that quality because it will save you in the long run!

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