My Secret Life of Crafts

As I’ve mentioned before, I began scrapbooking during my senior year of high school and continued to do so during my down time for quite a few years after. Then I got lazy…I mean, it was obviously took a ton of time lugging the stuff out of my closet and get everything set up on a table. Kidding, but for some reason it just became less important to me. It was also around the time that Shutterfly became popular and I saw friends getting amazing scrapbooks made for their loved ones and how simple the process was! When my husband and I first got together I got the itch again, but I wasn’t about to be super creepy and start making one of us…I had no idea where we were going and I didn’t want to jinx it. However, I did save souvenirs of things we did together, and I’m so happy I did 🙂

I’m currently in the midst of working on a Las Vegas scrapbook from our short trip there during the summer of 2011….yes, almost three years ago 😉 This was such a fun trip and we did SO much during our time there that I wanted a documentation of it displayed. Let’s hope I get it done this year. Scrapbooking can be overwhelming, but it also forces you to practice patience and is actually quite relaxing. Here’s a sneak peak of a few pages I’ve completed thus far:

Tickets Vegas

Saved our airline tickets on there way there (and back!)

O Vegas

Tyler got us front row tickets to see “O”- and I was given the rose during the performance (if anyone has seen this show then you know what I’m talking about!)

Mob Vegas

We also did the Mob Experience inside of the Tropicana. It was fun…and Tyler thought it was hilarious that they gave me the name “Bananas” 😉

I just now noticed that Tyler isn’t in any of these pictures, but like I said- it’s not done! We have so much memorabilia from the trip that I wanted to make sure it was incorporated in the scrapbook as well.

I also loved the idea of a memory jar that had been floating around social media, and I decided to create one of my own after reading about Amanda’s experience from Running With Spoons  . Everyday won’t be good, but there’s good in everyday. Throughout the year I tend to only remember the really good or bad things that have happened and the little everyday things that make life beautiful are easily forgotten. I want to look back on 2014 and remember ALL of the good that makes my life worthwhile…trying to be positive so don’t make fun, haha. Tyler obviously thought this was a marvelous idea (kidding), but I’m hoping I find a few notes from him in there at the end of the year 😉


Simply fold the paper of your written memory and slip it into the slit on top!

Okay, so it kinda looks like a wedding dress, haha. I love shabby-chic, vintage, antique-looking items so this is what I was going for.

The next craft I’ve made this year is similar- a movie stub jar. I’ve saved every ticket of every movie TJ and I have seen during our 4 years together, but had no real place to put them. I also wanted it out so I could easily drop them in after we got home. I simply used scrapbook paper, ribbon, and fake flowers to create this and glued everything on with a hot-glue gun.

Movie Jar

Great decorative way to store small mementos

Other random items are thrown in there as well- live shows we’ve seen, his Chicago marathon bracelet, etc. Can you tell I’m in love with Mason jars?!

Finally, this last item I made last year for our first anniversary. This was another idea I saw on Pinterest and had to jump on board as we met, got engaged, and got married in different locations. It’s pretty standard and not what I envisioned, but I figured I could always change the frame up if need be in the future (I want to shy away from black frames, but am waiting to decorate and paint/change them out until after we get new furniture). Here is the final product:


Met- Portage, Indiana (although we are from one town over)
Engaged- Oklahoma City, OK (while visiting him during out year apart while he was at BOLC)
Married- El Paso, TX (dream wedding location, haha)

This cost me a grand total of $15 dollars to make. The memory jar was about $12, and the movie jar was about $8. Everything was either 50% off at Hobby Lobby or I had a coupon.

Are you into crafts? If so, what kind? I may seem like a 28-year old grandma with my crafts, but wine or cocktails are typically enjoyed while in the mode 😉

Scrapbooking- yay or nay? It might be old-school for some people now 😦

Any second anniversary ideas?!


5 thoughts on “My Secret Life of Crafts

  1. I do the memory jar too! My bf isn’t quite into it… but hopefully when I read the notes back to him at the end of the year he’ll realize how cool it is to remember all the fun things we’ve done 🙂

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