Acupuncture for Infertility- Initial Visit

I started acupuncture about a month ago, and I wanted to give my initial thoughts on the whole thing. I’ll share an update with how it’s been going soon, but for now I’m going to discuss what led up to my first appointment and the process. I know this type of treatment is controversial, but after it was highly suggested by my doctor  a couple of times , my husband and I agreed that it was worth a shot!

*I must note that acupuncture does not guarantee you conceive. It’s merely used as a tool to help cope with stress on your mind or body and is often times used hand in hand with other types of treatment along the way.

First off, I really like the lady that I am seeing. She is sweet, yet to the point and explains everything well. How did I come across her? Well, our fertility specialist recommended two people in the area; however, their hours of operation were a bit conflicting and the price of one was effing ridiculous high. I knew going into it that this stuff is not cheap, but I wanted to see what else was out there. I lucked out when I called the first number I clicked on in my Google search. I had a brief consultation and booked my first appointment! Plus, without even asking, she asked if we were military as she offers discounts 🙂

I arrived at my appointment fifteen minutes early to fill out paperwork- legal stuff, history, and current issues. We then went into the back and discussed things further. A LOT was discussed in a mere 15 minutes- my cycles, my eating and exercise habits, past complications (miscarriage and two LEEP procedures), stress, current medical conditions (low progesterone and little or no ovulation)- even my bowel movements. All of this has everything to do with your reproductive system.

She then explained how she would like to see my cycles shorten by a few days and to see my PMS symptoms decrease. While impressed with my everyday meals as I enjoy eating wholesome and nutritious foods (breakfast and lunch are usually the same- we have something different for dinner every night unless leftovers are on the meal plan), she provided me with Congee recipe. I had never heard of this before, but it is rice-based (brown rice) and is suppose to help with strengthening digestion, improving metabolism, warming digestive organs, and removing excess fluids. I got rid of some of the water and made mine more porridge like. Hopefully this didn’t defeat the purpose, but I always drink a glass of water with breakfast so I figured it couldn’t hurt 😉 I added a chopped apple, low sugar cranberries, walnuts, cinnamon, apple pie spice, all spice, and a bit of maple syrup to my mixture. It made plenty and we had enough for multiple meals.

After discussion, she put lavender on various parts of my body, instructed me to relax, and inserted the needles. I could barely feel them going in except for the one on my stomach, and it didn’t hurt- I basically just felt it! After asking what I would like to listen to, I told her that I loved the ocean waves that were already playing in the background, so we kept it at that for the first visit. She left the room for 10 or so minutes while I tried to relax (I attempted to stop all thought during this time- didn’t get to a total relaxed state) then came to check on me. She left again for another 20 minutes or so and this time I was able to get go and stop thinking. It was amazing! I don’t nap often, but when I do it’s usually because I’m super tired and fall asleep within a minute of hitting my pillow. I never fell asleep, but was in a constant state of relaxation. Does that make sense?


One of my favorite beaches (not that I’ve been to a ton, haha). View from my uncle and aunt’s condo on the Gulf in Florida.

It could have very well been mind over matter, but after my session I felt completely relaxed for a few hours. I didn’t mind the horrible traffic on I-10  or waiting an hour and a half to get my oil changed!

I’m for both Western and Oriental medicine- I think they both can help us immensely via different avenues of treatment. I hope together they will help our situation, but will be grateful if acupuncture alone helps me deal with my anxiety and stress better.

Have you ever tried acupuncture? If so, what are your thoughts?

Do you believe in Oriental or Western medicine or both?

Tell me some of your best relaxation techniques!


6 thoughts on “Acupuncture for Infertility- Initial Visit

  1. i’ve never considered acupuncture, but i’m pretty into yoga and healthy living, and this makes me think it might be a good decision for fertility reasons.. definitely something i’m going to look into 🙂 thanks for the review.

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