Inexpensive Decorating for Springtime and/or Easter

It’s no secret that I’m a bit cheap when it comes to certain things, and home décor is usually one of them. As we’ve been trying to make our house a home over the past year, I’ve found myself browsing stores and thinking no fuggin way gasping when I see that they want 20 bucks for a small, fake potted plant. I’ll do a post on things I’ve recreated myself around the house for minimal cost sometime, but today I want to show you how I’ve done a little price-conscious holiday decorating.

Although I may not agree with all of their company policies, I’ve been going to Hobby Lobby for years (since high school) and I LOVE it. I’ve gotten the majority of my scrapbooking supplies from there (or Michael’s), but have also purchased other odds and ends there as well, such as mason jars, wall décor, picture frames, etc. And while I’d love to purchase so much of their home decorations, sometimes it’s too overpriced for mama so I take matters into my own hands.

For example, I saw something similar to this a few weeks ago, but wasn’t about to spend what the price tag showed. Seeing that mason jars were 50% off that week (I love these for décor as well as to use as glasses for beverages), I purchased a few, stopped by the scrapbooking department (50% off everything), then made a quick stop at the Dollar Tree on my way home to pick up the rest of the necessities. Here is the end product:


Mason jar, scrapbooking paper, burlap, & Styrofoam- Hobby Lobby; pale yellow grass and speckled eggs- Dollar Tree. Total cost- $8

I need to paint the edges of the Styrofoam, but I’m happy with how it turned out. You don’t have to place the jar on top of the setting- you could put it in front it of. For now, this is displayed on our kitchen table, but it may find a new home 🙂  Here’s a closer look:


Don’t mind our water coolers in the background 😉

Seeing that our house is a rental and we basically had a few days to choose our home for the next few years back in 2012, it’s not ideal by any means. However, we’ve learned to work with what we got (aside from the horrific storage situation) for the time being. When you walk into our front door, there is an indention with a ledge and over-light to the right. I have “normal” decorations there that match the front room, but for holidays I like to mix it up. Here is what I came up with for Springtime/Easter:


Compliments of Target (pink fence-was $3 and I painted it with paint I already had, and light blue pail in the background); Hobby Lobby (baby chick in the fence- $3 with coupon, fabric $2, but I used half of it for dog scarves); everything else from the Dollar Tree (I made the fake potted plant with items purchased from here). – Total cost- about $15 for everything.

I’m Catholic but don’t actively participate in the religion, so it may seem silly to some decorate. Oh well. Growing up, my mom decorated our home for various holidays, so maybe that’s why I’m lured into doing so as well (and crafting helps while job searching, haha). I also love finding inexpensive ways to do things! Here is a closer look:


I’m probably so lame, but isn’t that chick the cutest?!

I didn’t want to get too crazy, but I found these items at the Dollar Tree as well and it ended up working well in our dining room area:


I know I need to fill that one frame. Display on top of shelf from the Dollar Tree- $4 total

The final display I have to show below isn’t what I where it to be (I’m just not sure where it should go!), but I’ll show it anyways.


In between Walter Payton & Jim Carrey- Target- basket, 2 pales, and multi-colored grass- $8, Dollar Tree- eggs. Total- $9

The basket needs to be displayed lower to show the cute multi-colored grass and eggs… Anyways, it may seem pointless and a waste of time and money to decorate (especially for a holiday so deeply tied to religion in which I’m currently questioning), but I enjoy it. Everything I’ve shown cost us about $40 – probably a few bucks less. I have great memories of Easter growing up (and yes, we did go to church on Easter- we were one of those people!), so perhaps it is a comfort thing. At any rate, I hope to pass that excitement down to my future children someday!



The Easter Bunny brought me roller-skates when I was 5. Will he bring me a treadmill this year? 😉


Do you decorate for Easter?

Where is your favorite place to shop for holiday décor?

P.S. I plan on writing a post about my Fall, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day décor on a budget, so check back!




4 thoughts on “Inexpensive Decorating for Springtime and/or Easter

  1. Everything looks great!!! 🙂 I would have decorated for Easter but we won’t be here and I don’t want to make Kyle take it all down when he gets back since I’m staying in AZ for a bit. Haha.

  2. super cute! I don’t decorate much, mostly because I don’t want to spend money on stuff! I like your cheaper alternatives… maybe next year I’ll try doing something easter-ey 🙂

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