The Love of My Life is Halfway Across the World

Soooo…We have some news to share. If you’re familiar with the army, you know what the multicam in the picture below means:


Multi-cam ACU’s…yep.

My husband deployed a few weeks ago. Although I’m well aware that this is part of the deal while in the military, this deployment occurred very unexpectedly (Tyler was in a non-deployable unit and was individually tasked out to go), and the process of us finding out to him leaving happened within a matter of two weeks.

Typically, army personnel and their families know about theses things months in advance so there is more time to prepare and whatnot. That obviously wasn’t the case, but we are actually both grateful for this. Waiting around is no fun, which is a huge part of the military. Have you ever heard of the phrase “hurry up and wait”?. Starting the deployment asap meant that TJ would be coming home sooner. It’s hard to explain, but it’s kind of like ripping a Band-Aid off really fast instead of slowly and dreading the pain 😉

We were celebrating our second anniversary and rooting that things were perhaps aligned medically to try for a baby again without any prolonged interruptions due to his training….Then news broke loose that he was about to embark on a 9 month deployment. I thought TJ was joking at first…but he wasn’t. Tyler handled everything extremely well- even when they went back and forth about whether or not he was going. Like come on people- he’s not going on a flipping business trip to Cali. This is this third deployment (he did two 12 month tours in Iraq when he was enlisted), but our first together.


Grasping our last days together- relaxing andwatching the series “Orange is the New Black”. We love it!

Within a matter of days,  we he got shit taken care of- POA, discussing financial obligations, and unfortunately the worst-case scenario details.

Do not tell me that I signed up for this. Yes, I knew this day would come. I’ll tell you though- I’m so incredibly proud of this man that I could burst.

All I ask if for you to keep my big sexy in your thoughts.

Thank you…Have a good one! 🙂 XOXO.

Have you or someone you love every deployed? If so, for how long and where to?



14 thoughts on “The Love of My Life is Halfway Across the World

  1. kim –
    if you have contact information for him/his group could you please pass it along. Some of the teachers in my FB Art Teacher group are always looking for ways to show kindness to our troops but don’t know where to send anything. I understand if things are all confidential (i remember when my brother was there), so no worries if you can’t share.

    • He didn’t go with his unit (just a few other soldiers that he didn’t know), but he’s going to let me know about that. I’ll definitely let you know when I find out! That’s so awesome when people do that type of stuff. I’m hoping he’ll be able to provide an address- I’d LOVE putting together care packages!

  2. My husband was deployed to Iraq for a year while we were dating. It was a rough year, but we survived it. Sending care packages and cards and letters helped a lot for me 🙂 I will be thinking of you and your husband!

  3. Love your positive attitude towards a sucky time 😦 Thinking of youuuu! ❤ PS love the blog updates! I don't know what you changed but it looks different- i like!! 🙂

    • Believe me- I’m not always positive, haha. It takes a lot for me to be optimistic sometimes. I think a good crying session is good sometimes though, ya know? And thank you in regards to the blog updates! There will be more soon actually 🙂

  4. I know you will get through this deployment like a champ! 🙂 As I have always said I’m here if you need anything. Would love to get together!

  5. Sending lots of support!! My husband has been on 2 deployments for 6 months a piece and also an unaccompanied assignment to Korea for a year. And they were real tough at times, but I find just staying wicked busy, maybe doing those hobbies or goals you just couldn’t get to, helps a great deal. I also tried to get more involved in work. Tons of luck and prayers for you both!!

  6. We’ve gone through deployments as well, and I can tell you the time does go by much quicker then you think. Of course there will be moments when you pick up the phone to go call him when something funny happens only to remember that’s not going to happen, or when you break down In tears unexpectedly. But I promise you it’s normal. Putting care packages together are a blast. Get creative and have fun. For myself, I never counted days or weeks until he returned, I always said xx amount of pay checks. It made it easier for me. Also like the above comment mentioned pick up new hobbies, volunteer work and squeeze in all the time you can with family and friends… Because once your man is home everyone knows you want that alone time. Keep your head up high though girl 😀😀

    • I sure hope time goes by faster than I think! The past month has actually flown by and I’m thinking the holiday season will as well, especially considering my line of work. I’ve been writing things I want to tell him about down on a notepad I keep with me and emailing him every other day or so will help keep him in the loop and simply make me feel better! I am NOT counting down the days until he returns…I have a post I’ll be sharing tomorrow about that, haha. Thank you for the suggestions. It’s nice to hear from others that have gone through similar situations 🙂

  7. Oh man. Hugs! What an emotional roller coaster! We had a somewhat similar experience. In April of 2013, Stephen was told that he’d be deploying in early 2014. He trained for it, he mentally prepared for it, everything was a go until around Christmas time. His company was taken off the deployment. At the end of January, two weeks before deployment day, he was switched to another company and had less than 14 days to prepared. I tell ya, sometimes it feels like the Army just loves toying with us.

    Your guy is tough and experienced, so I have no doubt he’ll be fine. Keep remembering that and keep your head up. I’m right here with ya. Let me know if there’s every anything that I can do for you!

    • I’m sorry your husband got switched at the last second- definitely a play on your emotions! I saw that you are nearing the end of his deployment. I hope things cruise along quickly for each of you 🙂 Maybe we could meet up sometime before Stephen gets back?!

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