Deployment Bucket List

Good morning! So, I’ve compiled a list of things I want to do while TJ is away.

I obviously want my husband to be here with me to do all of these things…but he can’t. So I ponied up and thought of things that I could do to help me get through this anxiety ridden time apart.

Most women have a FRG that they rely on. Tyler was individually tasked out; therefore, he didn’t go with his unit. I’m not crying because I’m a lonesome wife, but I want people to know that is not not what typically happens. Usually there is a group of spouses that you can relate to/rely on because their husbands or wives are all in the same unit and are deployed together (FRG- Family Readiness Group). Mama don’t have that unfortunately, and I haven’t even been in contact with anyone in his unit since he’s pretty much been gone, but that’s okay.

I constructed a “30 Before 30 Bucket List” and it’s been somewhat successful so far but I’ll get to that in another post. Anyways, I’m one that strives when goals are set. I spent years doggy-paddling around, and it got me nowhere. Tyler thinks it’s amusing (or perhaps irritating, haha) that when I achieve something, I can’t just enjoy it- I have to move onto something else . The list is comprised of things that I want to do to keep myself from doing nothing but work, clean, and watching Hulu and Netflix.

1.) Go to a movie solo- Some people do this with no prob (my husband), while others would never even think about doing this. Tyler’s always loved movies, and watching them is kinda our thing (I’m sure this was their thing in his previous relationships, but I’m the queen of the castle now). While I plan on waiting for him to get home to watch most of movies, there are a handful I want to see that I know he could give a shit about. So far, I have seen The Giver (good) and Into the Storm (sucked BIG TIME!). I also want to see Gone Girl next month (read the book). He saw the trailer and wasn’t impressed, haha 😦


Had to prove to TJ I actually went 😉 It was only me an a couple in the theater on a random Monday afternoon!


2.) Go to a farmer’s market- I typically work on Saturdays, but I know there is a great farmer’s market (so I’ve heard) in El Paso….or maybe it’s in Las Cruces? Anyways, I’ve never been to one before, and I think it’d be fun to check out.

3.) Read. A LOT. – I’d go through phases with reading when I was in school, but growing up I always read before bed to help me relax and transition into bedtime mode. We’ve ordered a handful of books for me over the past few months, and I’m excited to get caught up in a story instead of our own situation!



4.) Attend a Group Fitness Class- I know Crossfit is the big fad now, but I’m not looking to get into that- sorry.  There is a huge array of group fitness classes offered on post for only about $2.50 per session (yoga, body pump, TRX, spinning, gravity, etc.), and I think one or two of those a week with my light cardio and weights will not only keep me social but feeling good! I’ve just been too lazy to drive there with my work schedule. I feel bad leaving the dogs locked up longer than need be! 😦

***I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve cut WAY back on my activity level and gained some weight to try to help regulate my cycles and ovulate on my own. If anyone’s interested in what I’ve been doing (or what I haven’t been doing) let me know. I know so many people struggle to lose weight and keep it off, but there are those that actually need to gain to help with reproduction…I can go on and on about this, sorry!

Group Class Tips

5.) Boudoir Session- Google this if you don’t know what it is. It’s basically a sexy photo session…but it can be as teasing or raunchy as you desire (depending on the photographer, haha). I wanted a session done for our first anniversary, but didn’t find the time, nor could I justify the money as I wasn’t working (solely going to school full-time at that point). I found an amazing deal by Krystal Kleer Photography, and inquired about a session immediately. She fit me in and made me feel incredibly comfortable. I hope to do more photo sessions with her before we leave 🙂 I had to find an appropriate photo….


Yes, these are my granny hands. Tyler picked out my ring himself- we NEVER discussed such a thing. He knew I loved antique/vintage jewelry…and this is what I got. In platinum 😉


6.) Dry Bar- I know these have become popular, but I live under a freaking rock and just heard about them a few months ago. El Paso tends to be somewhat behind from cities such as Chicago, so I was excited when I heard that Dry Bar opened up! I got a blow out and my make-up done…yes, I splurged, but I thought the price was fairly reasonable…although why is getting your make-up done so expensive?!  My hair styles are straight, wavy/curly or in a pony-tail…so yeah.


In a hurry, haha.

7.) House Cleanse– I’m a clean freak, but some things I just don’t care about. Vacuuming and dusting are done every other day or so because of the dogs and it can get super dusty in El Paso. House cleanse means wiping out drawers/cabinets/refrigerator/etc.- things I don’t do very often. I’ll crack open a bottle of wine, put on some music, and wipe shit down!

*This also means organizing my crafting stuff 🙂

8.) Try more recipes– This is definitely not a problem for me. Tyler hates veggies and most fruits, but I can sometimes disguise them. However, this time apart gives me the opportunity to try new recipes that he might like. I just made one recently…if I didn’t tell him what was in it, he would love it (with a little bit of butter and extra cinnamon on top though!).


Spiced carrot zucchini bread. I used apple sauce in place of oil and it was amazing!

9.) Keep up with a pedicure every 8 weeks- This sounds so bogus, but I’ve only gotten a few manis/pedis in my life. However, working in retail, where sandals are part of my daily attire year-round, my feet get fuggin dry. I can keep up with the maintenance, but it’d be nice to have this done every other month. Hopefully my mom has some stuff to give to me when I come home so I can do at-home pedi’s with friends 😉

10.) Hang with friends/do more things in general- I can be an absolute hermit. If it weren’t for me loving men, I  think I’d be happy by myself, haha. So sad, but true. I’m not one that needs to be constantly socializing. The handful of friends (I use this term loosely- probably more like acquaintances) I have or  that I initially met have either moved away or have really not contacted me since Tyler has left. However, I have a friend whose husband is leaving soon as well- I met her through my job which I’m incredibly grateful for! Don’t get my wrong- I still have my best friend and family back at home- I’m not a complete loser 😉


*What are some things you do when your spouse is gone?

*Do you have any suggestions of shows/movies on Hulu or Netflix?! Books?

*Are you more of a socializer or a homebody like me?



15 thoughts on “Deployment Bucket List

  1. Love all of these ideas! Especially reading. I’ve been a reading fiend lately and LOVE it. And I want to see Gone Girl SO BAD! Too bad we live across the country from each other, I would totally go with you!!!! 🙂

    • I loved it! I’ll definitely go back to the place. I drank two mimosas and the girl who did my hair was super cool. It’s probably a good thing it’s located on the other side of town, or else I’d have already gone back 🙂

  2. You have some awesome things on your list! My husband and I saw the Giver last night. It’s my favorite book. The movies was slightly disappointing but still great. I tried my own photo shoot at home. It turned out alright but if I could afford the fancy shmancy shoot I would do it in a heartbeat.

    I highly recommend Orange is the new Black on netflix!

    • Yeah, there were parts of the movie that were different…and I’m not sure how I felt about the end, but pretty good for a film version! The photo shoot was actually just in our bedroom. I wasn’t stoked about this idea at first (I didn’t want pics with my treadmill in it, haha), but it ended up working out. It was a GREAT deal- the lady is a fellow military spouse. Some of the photographers I contacted wanted $200+….yeah right!

  3. Great List…I would also recumbent “Orange is the New Black” if you haven’t seen it…it’s amazing! Also, if you haven’t watched “Mad Men”, that is another great series! Big Bang Theory for comedy if you don’t already watch it. 🙂

    • Tyler and I started watching that right before he left! I’m in the middle of season 1- I got sucked into old episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange county, so that was put on the back burner, haha. I haven’t seen Mad Men or Big Bang Theory- I’ll check them out. Thanks 🙂

  4. That’s pretty much everything that was on my list when my husband deployed. It all kept me busy between phone calls and Skype dates. I really want to try a Dry Bar sometime. All the pictures my friends post after going are amazing.

  5. Good for you for setting some goals for yourself. Sounds like you’re already chipping away at the list. For Stephen’s last deployment, he went with a unit out of Germany and I stayed stateside, so I know what you’re going through with no FRG to lean on. You’ll get through it, though!

    Let me know when you end up going to a fitness class because I’ll totally go with you! It has been nice for me to have a place to go where people know me, even if it is just the yoga instructor. I really value those few minutes of chatting before class.

    • Thank you! At this point I don’t even care anymore, but it seems odd that the FRG doesn’t even check up on you when you’re spouse is tasked out- pretty shitty. If I ever get involved in a FRG when TJ makes captain, I’ll make sure I reach out. I still get their emails and I’m like, WTF… I know you’re near the end of this deployment…cheers to a happy homecoming! I’d love to go to a fitness class with you! You’re off weekends only, right?

      • Thanks. We are in the home stretch, but the end is hard. My sanity is hanging by a thread. Haha!

        I am off only on weekends, but this week and next are intersession (aka fall break!) so I might hit up some day time classes if you have a weekday off. I’m pretty regular about attending the Wednesday evening yoga class at Soto. It’s kind of late (6:45-7:45), but the instructor is amazing and totally worth it.

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