Update- October 2014. One Step Forward and 5 Steps Back

I was hesitant about doing a month by month check-in about what’s new with my cycle and progesterone levels because most people probably don’t give a shit, but then I realized that I write this blog for myself 🙂 It’s been a useful to regarding remember certain dates and cycle lengths and such, and despite not wanting to worry about all that stuff seeing that there is virtually no chance to conceive over the next several months, I know it’ll help us in the end. It gives me a thorough description of what went on each month which may be beneficial upon Tyler’s return and we have to figure out where to go from there. And, if I can help or be relatable to a few people along the way, then it’s definitely worth my time still! Anyways, I’ll keep this short and sweet and say this month blew absolute ass in this department.

I went to the clinic on day 23 of my cycle since day 21 fell on a Saturday. I looked at my results online last Friday and my progesterone levels were at .46. W.T.F. This is the LOWEST number I have ever gotten, and I was freaking crushed. I’ll tell ya, I miss my husband every single day, but in this moment, I absolutely yearned to hold him. Instead, I made a drink and watched one of my favorite movies, Big, haha. Classy, I know, and you wont ever hear me complain about feeling lonely during this time, but I truly felt alone that day. It took a day to get over my pity party, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t still annoyed. I know it’s pointless to feel this way though and it’s really nothing I can control.

Love this picture of Wrigley, haha.

The thing is- I thought things were going to get better. I’m not the most positive person on the planet, but I really, really thought positive. Last cycle was 31 or 32 days and my progesterone level was 6.9 on cycle day 21. Not amazing number but the best I’ve ever measured naturally! I cut my cardio down to virtually zero (I walk a shit ton at work though but obviously never get my heart rate up). I gained nearly ten pounds over the course of three months. And it didn’t do effing shit but made things worse, haha.

I was once again told that maybe it’s stress, and I asked what in the world I have to be stressed about? Aside from no baby in my arms, our lives have fallen into place for the most part. I was looked at as if I had three heads when I asked this…. oh yeah, my husband is deployed to a scary ass place, and my job can be stressful at times. Bu I truly don’t think these two components would stress my body out enough to produce pretty much no progesterone and haul ovulation, but who knows.

After a crappy last few days (tooth issues, horrible Day 21 lab results- lowest progesterone level I've EVER had while being monitored- like nonexistent, and an effing kitchen sink leak), I came home from work to a box from my mom filled with these goodies. She knows Fall is my favorite time of year...I love you! This made me cry although I'm a little unsure about the purple glitter pumpkin, haha  And thank you for the awesome mug, Kathleen!

I came home from work last week to find a box sent by my mom on our doorstep. She knew I had a few crappy days and knows I absolutely LOVE the Fall, so sent me a box of goodies! So sweet.

The obgyn I have been seeing since our initial pregnancy is out of office until the end of the year as she was pregnant herself (via IVF). I also was assigned a new PCM (primary care physician, which is like my general doctor)- I loved loved loved my old one so this is a bummer. The new one called the other day and told me to call the hospital and request an appointment with a new obgyn. She saw in my files that we were trying to conceive for a while, and it was noted that although my husband’s deployed, we want to keep tabs on my cycles during this time so we have a course of action planned soon after he gets home. Hopefully it doesn’t take me three flipping months to be seen 😉

It will actually be nice to get another profession’s opinion and insight. I’ve learned that you HAVE to be your own advocate. If you sit around waiting for shit to happen, it’s probably not going to happen. We should be leaving Texas about six months after TJ gets home, so we’d like to have a better idea of what’s up before having to start the process of moving and such. I’m not even sure if where we are going next has any obgyn’s that treat fertility more than just throwing Clomid at them! We may have to travel to get additional help if need be….but like usual, I’m getting too far ahead of myself, haha.

My favorite girl sent me this mug last week!

So, that’s that. I’m obviously going to keep my caloric intake up (I don’t count calories, just eat more!), but I’m also introducing cardio back into my life. Tyler and I discussed this and he’s down since this was my main stress reliever for years. However, it won’t be much- 10 miles a week or so. I think a couple of miles every few days isn’t overkill at all, and I always feel amazing after a run. I’ll still do weights as I never stopped that.

I’ve been asked about my diet and exercise routine over the past few years and how that’s changed, so I’ll probably get a post up about that sometime soon.

In the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this cycle isn’t like 60 days long or some crazy shit, but now that it’s already longer than 35 days long, it probably doesn’t even matter. I love October, and I have some things to look forward this month that will keep me preoccupied 🙂

Do you suffer from irregular periods or not ovulating every month?

Can this be hereditary?

Any advice or suggestions?


13 thoughts on “Update- October 2014. One Step Forward and 5 Steps Back

  1. Hey girlie! I’m so sorry your numbers sucked. It might have been a fluke this cycle so try not to worry too much about it. I would say if it continues to be low, then it’s a huge problemo. In regards to stress, you personally might not feel “stressed” because you feel the same, but your body and chemistry might be reacting differently. Does that make sense? Basically what I am thinking is that just because you presonally do not “feel” stressed doesn’t mean that your body isn’t still making the stress hormones that will cause your other hormones to go out of whack. I think that has happened to me a time or two. I’m so used to my life being a certain way that I am no longer “Feeling” stressed but I know that my body is. (I think I have just rambled and repeated myself three times. sorry :/)

    Also, irregular periods,etc. can be hereditary. Have you ever heard of Pregnitude? I think it has great reviews for those with long cycles. You should check it out. I have ordered it before on Amazon.

      • I think they will just prescribe a progertone cream or something for you to rub on you during certain times of your cycles. This usually helps. I wouldn’t worry about it being an issue unless your levels are continually low several cycles in a row. This one may have just been a fluke.

  2. Hugs! Hugs! Hugs!

    And if you ever want to come out to a Wear Blue run, you’d be more than welcome to join us! Bitching about deployment while running has been my saving grace this year.

    • That’d be awesome! How far do you guys usually run? I’m still working my way back up since taking time off to try and regulate my cycles. Didn’t work, but I’m keeping my mileage between 5-8 a week to be safe 🙂

  3. I really hope the progesterone levels were a fluke. Especially seeing the number from the previous month. I think they will take some bloods and see if there is a medical reason why it was low and then prescribe progesterone cream, suppositories or injections. Does anyone else in your family have irregular cycles?

    • I’ve had a handful of months of extremely low progesterone levels, so we believe that it’s more of a fluke when I do get higher levels (6.9 was my previous months progesterone levels…which isn’t very high at all, but better than all the previous months aside from the medicated ones!). My mom always suffered from irregular periods. She actually conceived my brother on Clomid (he’s the middle child) 25 years ago. It took her a few rounds of it though.

      • People run all different distances. (Usually some people are hitting the neighborhood of 8-10, while other people are more like 3-5 miles.) I had been doing my long runs there, but this week, I’m taking my dog and just walking 3 miles-ish.

  4. I hope you are feeling better and that the low numbers were a fluke that won’t happen again!

    Also, I totally get watching ‘Big’ under stress. I love that movie. No shame in that one getting you over a lousy day!

  5. I also suffer from very irregular periods. My last one was just over 50 days late! When I first got off the pill I was around 32-34 days and one month over 50. Now I’m around 35-39 days. I don’t have any sisters to see what would be regular but my mom and grandma were always regular or even a few days early almost never late they have said!

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