Update- November 2014 and Extras That are TMI

This shall be short and sweet for real- I always say this but end up rambling on :/ Highlights:


The photos in this post have nothing to do with anything, but I went home last month and it was freaking awesome!


  • Met with a new OBGYN that “specializes” in fertility treatment-  This basically means that they like treating patients that have issues conceiving and have been somewhat successful helping them. My last doc was the same, but she is on maternity leave…so everyone was referred out to someone else for the time being. I had my initial appointment on Monday, October 27th. So far, I love this doctor! She’s more my pace for one- looked me in the eye, addressed all my questions, and answered everything thoroughly. AND she came up with a tentative “gameplan” for TJ and I when he gets home. Not some bullshit, we’ll wait then throw you at Clomid again. Since I’ve been and will be continued to be monitored, they will have an idea of my hormone levels for almost a year.


  • PAP- I’m sure no one in their right mind would ever discuss this, but I don’t give a fuck. I asked for another pap despite having one done in January. Here’s the reason why:

*My first abnormal pap was at age 19. My obgyn did a biopsy and precancerous cells were found; therefore, I was advised to get a LEEP done right away. I was mind-boggled as I had only been with one person, as well as ashamed and embarrassed. This is NOT something that is openly discussed, but it’s a huge issue in society….that’s for another blog post though. LEEP is performed which basically lasers out a layer (or layers?) of your cervix to remove the precancerous areas.

*Clear for the next couple of years.

*Late September 2008- Abnormal pap again at age 22. I was moving to Arizona a few days after getting this news which was pretty awesome. I wasn’t in school at the time and was paying for my own health insurance ($250 a month…then had to pay for the biopsy and LEEP. FML- this shit wasn’t cheap and I was making like 8 bucks an hour, haha). Anyways, I flew home early November for LEEP #2.

*Late 2009- I end everything with my ex and meet my now-husband a few months later. However, in May 2011, I get yet another abnormal pap. My doc will not do another LEEP since I’m young (25) and have no children. I’m prescribed Aldera for 12 weeks which is a suppository. The medicine makes me nauseous and very fatigued, but it worked!

***  This is why I hold my breath with each pap. I’m fucking scared. I’m in the midst of waiting for the results of my latest one, and my doctors aren’t sure what route we will go should it comes back abnormal. My cervix probably won’t be able to hold a baby full-term if I get another LEEP…so I’m assuming it’d be Aldara again or something similar.

  • Semen Analysis- Tyler has to get this done as soon as he gets home. Unfortunately, he was pumped with so many vaccinations before leaving which could affect this sperm.


Good news! My progesterone was at 7.11!!! Low, but highest it’s been since monitoring. So far, it seems I have months where it’s non-existent and others where it’s a little low, but higher.


Gloomy but beautiful Fall day back in Indiana last month.



***Have you ever had an abnormal pap?


***If so, What approach did your doctor take?





3 thoughts on “Update- November 2014 and Extras That are TMI

  1. Hi Kim,

    I have also had abnormal paps and a LEEP. When I was a nanny in CT and didn’t have insurance, I was going to Planned Parenthood and they would send me letters saying my Pap was abnormal but never told me what to do about it (turnover was crazy there and I saw a different doc every time). By the time I got insurance and went to a OBGYN at a dr.’s office. I had stage 3 pre-cancerous cells and we did a LEEP immediately. Because of this, I now have no CM and cervical stenosis. My Cervix opening is tiny and it makes IUI’s difficult and painful. I have had one other abnormal since then and they just watched it and had me come in for another one a few months after and that one was normal. I know how completely scary and frustrating it is and I’m sorry you’re having to still go through it. Hugs, prayers and lots of love!

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