A Quick Update- February 2015

While it may be that I write these updates more for myself than anything else, it’s been nice (well, not sure I’d use the word nice…perhaps helpful?….to look back and see what was going on with my cycles, testing, and how I was feeling at the time. I have a few things to share since the last update, so here we go:

  • I had a cycle that lasted from October 9-November 9 which was pretty decent for me (31 days). The next cycle was from November 9- December 26…uhh WTF. I stopped counted after CD 35. My labs showed that I did not ovulate this month, but I could have had a late ovulation since the cycle was so long. I haven’t had a period since December 26…I don’t know what cycle day I’m on, but it doesn’t even matter since it’s been so long. I didn’t have my progesterone checked this cycle because I was out of town and the office was closed on the weekend when I should’ve been tested.
  • I had a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago and we discussed a few things. First, my cycle day 3 labs, where they check the LH, FSH, and estradiol, came back normal! This is good news as my ovaries ARE working, but there is a disconnect between the first phase of my cycle and the last phase. She wanted to do some lab work to double check for PCOS. I didn’t have any symptoms of it besides my long/erratic cycles, but it didn’t hurt to see. She emailed me the other day and told me everything came back normal…no PCOS.
  • We contemplated with the idea of getting a laparoscopy done to see if I have any endometriosis. However, because you’re put under for this and it can be rather uncomfortable, we decided to hold off. The doctor honestly didn’t think this was the case for me. I’d want Tyler to be there with me for this anyways.
  • I’ve gained about 10-12 pounds since July of last year (when TJ left). We thought that this would help regulate my cycle…but so far, it hasn’t. To be honest, this wasn’t always that easy for me. When I’m stressed…I have no appetite. However, incorporating more healthy fats, more carbs (I effing love these asiago cheese bagels by Einsten Bros. from Target, haha), and laying off the cardio is what helped the most. It’s discouraging that this hasn’t helped regulate things so far, but that’s okay. Looking back at some pictures, I did need to gain a few pounds. I started running again, but only a few days a week and it’s more like running/walking intervals while watching House Hunters 😉
  • My current doctor is deploying in April….pretty much around the time Tyler gets home, so I’ll be seen by my old doctor (the one I had some issues with). I don’t want to go through the hassle of finding someone else, and she knows us and our situation.
  • Finally, both docs agreed that our best chances to conceive will be via medicated cycles. We are going to try Clomid first, but ONLY two more rounds of this. If we have no luck with that, then we will be referred out and they suggested medication, the HCG trigger shot, and IUI. You can forgo the IUI and just do a medicated cycle with the trigger shot and timed intercourse, but the success rate is higher when you go the IUI route instead. It’s a few hundred bucks more (a grand total of about $1,000 PER cycle…yikes!), but they said it’s better this way as you get more bang for your buck (swear she said that, haha). We aren’t going to sit and dick around 🙂 However, TJ will be up to be promoted to Captain in November and then it’s on to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. So we shall see how the rest of the year pans out.

Alright, I’m gonna go do some errands on my day off! Super stoked that it’s February, but I hope the next couple of months fly by. I’m SO ready to see my husband again 🙂



Figured I needed a picture in this post 😉

* What are your thoughts on Clomid?

*Have you or anyone you know used the trigger shot with timed intercourse or IUI?


4 thoughts on “A Quick Update- February 2015

  1. I feel like I could write a novel on those two questions:

    1. My thoughts on clomid are that it’s great if it works. If it doesn’t then it just sucks because a) Clomid puts you through the ringer emotionally and physically and b)well, failed cycles suck no matter what drug you’re on. For some folks, clomid is the ticket. It’s the gateway fertility drug so everyone has to try it. I did several cycles with it and then did several cycles with femara, which yielded better results for me but ultimately no pregnancy.

    2. I have used a trigger with TI and with IUI. This pregnancy that I’m in is from an IUI that was a combination of Gonal-F, Ovidrel (trigger), and the progesterone suppositories after the IUI. Gonal-F was our miracle drug that brought us this baby currently kicking the crap out of my bladder. My biggest advice to you is that I really hope the oral drugs work, but if they don’t, DONT wait three years like I did to move on to injectables. I was afraid of the cost of them, and they do add about $1000 to an IUI cycle, but obviously in the end they were worth it for us big time.

    Also-I had a lap for endometriosis a year and a half ago, so if you guys do decide to do that you can ask me anything you want. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. It bought me a nice week off to relax and watch netflix. The discomfort immediately after the surgery (like when I first woke up) sucked, but it was quickly remedied with pain meds at the hospital and they sent me home with the good stuff. After two days I’d say I didn’t need anything at all.

    • Thank you for your thoughts! Clomid is emotionally challenging…people that don’t have to utilize the drug don’t realize this. My first round was MUCH worse than my second…but my progesterone level was also much less my second round, so perhaps that says something? I honestly think the trigger shot and IUI will be our best bet. We’re now mentally prepared for whatever comes our way. I’m so happy to see that you guys eventually conceived! I’ll definitely reach out if I end up having the lap. Thank you again- it means a lot!

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