Pregnancy Update (Weeks 11-14)

***I’m sharing two bump photos in this post!***

I think once I get caught up with these updates, I’m going to switch to biweekly. I’ve never been this pregnant, and I truly want to cherish this time and remember more of the little details which is difficult to do when covering an entire month. I’ll do one more pregnancy update covering weeks 15-18 and then go from there. We have a lot on the horizon early next year which I hope to share soon, so there will be more to discuss 🙂 I also may be changing the formats a bit next time. Alright, here we go 🙂

Food Aversions- Food aversions got somewhat better. I still couldn’t eat pretty much everything I listed before except whole wheat bread made a comeback. Marinara sauces sounded SO gross, but I could do pasta with a more cream based sauce. Sweets were not appealing at all. I ate so many damn saltines the first several weeks that they became an aversion around this time.

Food Cravings- Still no hardcore cravings…just foods that sounded decent enough. I did want cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster one evening, so we picked up an order of 6 to go 🙂  Bland foods were still the best, but I wanted a cheeseburger a few times…like a quality cheeseburger, NOT one from McDonalds or whatever, haha. Guess I’m high maintenance sometimes 😉 Red meat strangely sounded better, so I made crockpot Italian beef around week around week 12. I typically love cooking my husband and I healthy meals, but that went to shit pretty much the entire first trimester, haha. Luckily, he was a good sport and fine with simple, effortless dinners 🙂 He makes pretty darn good scrambled eggs, so he’d make me two with lots of cheese a few mornings a week. Scrambled eggs have been easy on my stomach, but the smell of them made me sick.

How I’m Feeling Physically- The all day sickness slowly started to dissipate around 14 weeks. I’d have a couple of days of feeling okay (basically, not throwing up) followed by several days of constant nausea. I felt worse in the mornings or if I didn’t sleep well the night before, so I’d basically wake up and have a bowl of cereal, shower for the day, then have a second breakfast of either scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast or a bagel with cream cheese. Showering early helped a little and it made me a bit more productive and just all around feel better. I’d also go from not hungry to ravenous in minutes!

How I’m Feeling Emotionally- Tyler and I were both really nervous between weeks 11-14. It makes no logical sense, but we kept saying, “We need to get to 14 weeks”. I had an appointment during week 13 with the high risk specialist who did a thorough ultrasound, and we walked out of the office holding hands, acknowledging that it was the most pregnant I had been 🙂 It was beautiful. I know he felt the same way, but probably almost every day I’d tell Tyler that I was scared…it’s just a feeling that you can’t help. Moodiness crept in quite a few times when I was really tired…or just hormonal, haha.


I should’ve taken one of these photos right after we found out 😦 Week 12 is when I got a little pooch, more than just bloat. Not bragging, but my stomach was completely flat pre-pregnancy, so it was exciting when we started seeing a little change!

Sleep- Still getting between 9-10 hours of sleep a night, although I had quite a few nights where I’d wake up wide awake around 3 or 4 and wouldn’t fall back asleep until 5 or 6. I’d have a snack and try to think about calming things, but sometimes it was hopeless. I noticed that my morning sickness was always a bit worse the next day after nights like that, but thankfully, I could take a nap or relax when need be the next day instead of sucking it up and going into work. I would’ve been quite the treat had that been the case 🙂

Workouts- Workouts became a bit more frequent around week 12. I’d wear my Fitbit almost every day even if I was just staying at the house doing laundry, cleaning, or organizing. It’s fun to see how many steps you take during the day just doing normal things! I looked up some easy prenatal yoga videos on YouTube and started doing those 2-3 times a week. I’m not flexible AT ALL, and since I wasn’t running, I had forgotten how amazing it feels to stretch out your limbs! Walking at an incline on the treadmill and free weights are done 3-4 days a week. It’s nice to just be able to hop on the treadmill and watch and episode of House Hunters or call someone close once or twice a day. I enjoy walking because it gets your body moving and blood flowing, but I miss the feeling I’d get after I’d have a good interval running workout. Speaking of which, I’m still on the fence about investing in a jogging stroller. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Best Moment- My best friend came to visit when I was 14 weeks! This was awesome as we don’t get to see each other much other than a few hours once or twice when I come home. I went to Colorado with her and her family in August (which was noted in our pregnancy announcement video!), so I was extremely blessed to get TWO full weeks with her this year! Also, the day she flew into town was the day we got the genetic screening and gender results from the high risk doctor. He called me as I was driving to the airport to pick her up on December 2nd, and I cried the rest of the way there. I couldn’t wait to get home to share the news with Tyler! I didn’t do anything cute to tell him- we were focused on ensuring everything was good with the baby- knowing the sex was just icing on the cake!


SO happy! And slightly rounder 🙂

Other Thoughts- I went back to a brunette around week 11! My outgrowth was horrible, and while the blonde was a nice change, it just never felt like me. Plus, it was a real bitch to deal with the upkeep and expensive. We told my paternal grandma (Baba) on Thanksgiving and it felt great hearing how excited she was (my dad’s girlfriend took a picture of her when I was telling her the news on the phone- a photo I’ll always keep and adore!).


Back to brunette…might not be as fun or sexy, but I’m quite alright with that 😉


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update (Weeks 11-14)

  1. I definitely think you should do biweekly (or weekly) then when later on you can print out all the posts and make a baby book out of them, Monthly updates seem like to much to remember and a year from now when you are dealing with sleepless nights those pregnancy memories will fade so best to keep track as much as you can! I totally understand the whole fear/ jinxing it but now that it’s out in the open enjoy every second! Hugs I look forward to following your journey through mother hood!

    • Good idea! Yeah, I’m going to do one more monthly from 15-18 weeks, then biweekly. I know there are a lot of little details that I’ve left out because I had forgotten about them, so this way will be better 🙂

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