Why We are Keeping Her Name to Ourselves and Our Criteria

When people find out that you’re expecting, the questions come flooding in about when you’re due, how you’re feeling, the gender, etc. After people learn the gender, the big question is “What is his/her name?”. I LOVE knowing what others are naming their little one, so I completely understand why the question is asked. I’m weird and I also like to know why certain names were picked- Is there a special meaning behind it? Is it a family name? Did they pick it just because?

As I’ve mentioned before, although I’ve opened up my life about our struggles with enduring a loss and infertility, I’m not that open about everything. Yes, I am documenting my pregnancy but it’s for me to look back on one day. I want to remember all the happiness, sadness, fearfulness, craziness- everything- that it entailed. As you all know, I didn’t even announce the pregnancy on here or other social media outlets until I was nearly four months along and even most family members didn’t know until almost the end of the first trimester. Something happened when I got the positive pregnancy test where I just wanted to keep this amazing miracle a secret. And I can’t explain why.

The news is out that I’m pregnant. Everyone knows that we’re having a baby girl. But the name….that’s something we’re going to be keeping to ourselves. Why? Because we can πŸ˜‰ No, but for real- not everything has to be an open book. I get that family and friends are excited- we are, too! Lots of people announce the name right away after revealing the gender and that’s great and all but that’s not me (or my husband). Now, obviously I’m not going to be all weird about it to strangers. For example, I was at the dentist yesterday and my hygienist was talking to me about it. I’m never going to see this woman again and she has no connection to our world so why not? Haha. And quite frankly, I don’t want to hear anyone’s opinions about it. If I want your opinion, I’ll ask πŸ˜‰


We are 99% sure about it but have recently ran into a hiccup. However, I’m almost certain it won’t change, but Tyler and I have to discuss it again. As cliche as it sounds, when this name came to mind, it seriously warmed my heart. Then I ran it by Tyler and he instantly said yes…and I just knew. There is somewhat of a special meaning behind it as well, which I wanted but it wasn’t a deal- breaker, so it’s perfect!

I will say some things about the criteria of choosing a name though πŸ™‚

  • Our name picks are NOT super trendy. While there are many beautiful popular names, I didn’t want her in a class having like 3 other girls with it as well.
  • Names that are not made up. Either some people don’t think about this or they simply just don’t care, but we didn’t want something crazy where people would question if we were high or not while making this decision. It’s amusing to me when people do this to their children to be unique, but then again, my name is Kimberly which sounds like either a 1960s housewife or hippies name, haha πŸ˜‰ Just kidding mom- I like my name!
  • No whack ass spellings. Or multiple spellings. We didn’t want something that could be spelled six different ways.
  • We wanted a name that could be shortened for a nickname. Kimberly = Kim or Kimmy. Tyler doesn’t have that option unless you count TJ. Ty drives me crazy, lol, and while I’ve referred to him as TJ on here before, I always just call him Tyler. I wanted the nickname to be just as pretty as the whole name as well. *This wasn’t a deal-breaker either but was taken into consideration and preferred.
  • No exes. I think this rings true for everyone on the planet!
  • Nothing too cute. Let’s face it- some names just more suitable for babies/children OR older adults. We wanted something timeless.
  • Has to flow well together. I’m weird about syllables and after explaining this to Tyler, he understood the importance of proper name flow, haha. A one syllable first and one syllable middle name sounds odd together, for example.


It may seem like we had a lot of criteria, but we really didn’t. When you say a name out loud you almost always know whether or not you like it. If you think you like a name, say it out loud about a thousand times then see how you feel about it πŸ˜‰

Tyler didn’t contribute a single first name suggestion at all, haha. I kept asking him to but he’d just tell me to say some and he’d tell me what he thought. I don’t know if it was out of laziness on his part or the fact that he picked the boys name and I didn’t get a say, but it was still fun to think of names and discuss it. A few times I knew he kind of liked the name but he knew somebody that had a kid with it (who cares- we don’t live by them nor have I even met them!) so those were thrown out the window. Lots were rejected right away for no reason other than him not liking them, but I can understand that as I’m the same way- sometimes there isn’t a reason. Which brings us back to the original thoughts of this post πŸ˜‰

Haha, Tyler and I have some inside jokes about this πŸ˜‰

As awesome and exciting as this time is, when our little girl makes her debut in the world, that’s when we will announce her name. We’ve been waiting so long and tried so hard for this, so I hope people respect our wishes. I think it’d be fun to put together a post on the ones that were rejected though, so be on the look out for that over the next couple of weeks!

Did you announce the baby name before birth? Why or why not?

How did you choose the baby name?



13 thoughts on “Why We are Keeping Her Name to Ourselves and Our Criteria

  1. I like your criteria! One of our criteria is we don’t want a name that can be shortened lol. πŸ™‚ We only have a middle name picked so far if it’s a girl (it was my mom’s middle name). I’m excited to hear her name when she is born.

    • We don’t think we’ll call her by the shortened name often (the opposite of me- I’m more often called Kim instead of Kimberly), but who knows! She’ll always be introduced by the full name though as that’s the name we prefer. Names are so fun but such a compromise sometimes, lol!

  2. We had a lot of similar criteria for choosing names so I totally get this. I also totally recommend keeping it to yourself as you are. People feel less inclined to give their opinion on a name once you have named your baby. We had an awful situation here with my son where Eric wanted to tell his mum the name when I was mid way through. I let him against my better judgement and I wish we never did as she HATED the name and carried in disgracefully about it. We still used the name πŸ™‚ It is Saxon if you are curious. I love the name but must admit it doesn’t shorten well (not a fan of Sax) so I am disappointed about that. I love that it is an old word but not a common name so it isn’t too weird. Out girl’s name for this baby is more mainstream but not too 20. I think it appears low down in the top 100 lists and that works for me. Not common it a known name. Anyway looking forward to reading the name once baby girl is born!! X

  3. I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but so happy to read about your pregnancy! Love your criteria. We only told a few people our name choices, but we didn’t know if we were having boys or girls, so we had that surprise! Our names are really traditional (I HATE made-up names! So dumb! lol) and ours have special meaning. Both are named for the boys’ great grandfathers (World War 2 veterans) and grandfathers. Lt. Col. Michael Robert and Captain James (Anthony is for my dad and his dad). Baby A is Michael, named for the higher ranking military man! This was all my husband. I got to pick the girl names, he got the boys. And as far as exes – it was tough finding girls names! lol Can’t wait to read about your choice!

    • I question made up names too, lol. If there’s a meaning behind it I get it but otherwise…haha. To each their own I guess! That’s such a great tribute to the great grandfathers and grandfathers! Hope you all are doing well!

  4. Love this post! Everyone is trying to tell us when we pick names NO why that? It’s just crazy how much input everyone has on YOUR baby. Have people started telling you about their birth stories yet?! I stop that. I do not need to hear all the what went wrongs right now! No thanks! Congrats on your baby girl!!!

    • Oh my gosh, yes. I get the birth stories might just be for conversation, but come on people! This will be my first labor and delivery- I’m not naive and think everything is going to be rainbows and butterflies but geez! I’ve been reminded that my husband was nearly 10 pounds a few times- I don’t want to hear that stuff again! She’s half her mama anyways and I was 6 lbs 12 oz!

  5. It’s funny- it sounds a lot like what my parent’s criteria were for naming me. They decided on Christine because they knew no one with that name and thought I’d never have a bunch in school. Yeah, right! I never had a class with fewer than 3 other Chris/Christine/Kristen’s. Also, it’s funny on the shortening of names, they were sure they would call me Christy (My mom had just read the book by that name and loved it) I have never been called Christy because it “didn’t fit” once I was here. Congratulations an good luck!

    • You’re right about there being a lot of Chris/Christine/Kristen’s or Krista’s- lots of variation of similar names! It’s pretty though, but I’m sure it could get aggregating as a child in a classroom. I never had that problem- I knew like 2 or 3 other Kim’s but didn’t have any in classes. And thank you!!

  6. We kept our names to ourselves too. For the same reason as you. I didn’t want anyone’s opinion and felt it was a personal choice to be made without outside influences. We did pick whacked out spelling for our daughter because my husband is nuts and his name is spelled whacky. However, he wanted to spell Greyson…GREIGHCYN. Seriously. No. Just no. I caved on Fynnlee because I knew I wanted to call her Fynn and that’s the female spelling.

    You probably hate our names :).

    • I seriously laughed out loud about how you described your husband’s suggestion (in a good way!). Hey, at least it was creative and he’d give suggestions- my husband just turns everything down and gives me no suggestions, haha. I was picturing myself as a teacher trying to pronounce that name, lol. I DO love Greyson and Fynnlee though!! I agree it’s such a personal choice…

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