Pregnancy Update (Weeks 21 & 22)

***I’m late with posting this as I’m 23w4d, but the packers came last Friday so I made this post from my iPhone which I did NOT like, haha. 

Maternity clothes? Yes and no. I wore nothing but yoga pants/leggings the past two weeks and they weren’t maternity, but they were considered my “looser” ones before pregnancy. However, I have to wear the leggings under my belly which is more uncomfortable to me, so that isn’t gonna last much longer. I only do this with my “cheapy” Forever 21 leggings, NOT my nice ones from Nordstroms. Those are packed away and will not be stressed out! 😉 Shirts are getting shorter, but I can still get away with most of my normal ones as long as they weren’t skin tight to begin with and are a little longer.

  1. image


I also started looking online for a dress for our shower the beginning of March (okay, I’ve only looked at Pink Blush, haha). It’s back home in Indiana so it’s gonna be cold which kinda limits things. I also think I wanna wear boots as I ain’t parading around in high heels for hours. That sucks the life out of me when I’m NOT pregnant, and I want to be comfortable, but cute, of course 😉 If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I’ll hit up the mall within the next few weeks to find something decent to take with and hopefully go shopping with my mom and sis when we’re in town if if nothing I see out here appeals to me.

Stretch marks?  Nope!

Sleep: I finally caught the cold that Tyler when I was exactly 21 weeks, and needless to say, it was awful. Sleep during that time wasn’t great, but thats expected when you can’t freaking breathe. I’m using the Snoogle every night. Keep in mind that we have a king sized bed so we fit comfortably still. Snoogle are massive, but I really think it was a good investment.

Best moment: Feeling her movements get stronger! I’ll seriously never get sick of feeling her.

While I was sick and napping, Tyler surprised me and made a batch of homemade lemon rice soup. He rarely cooks and he’s never made it before, but he went to the grocery store to get the ingredients and gave it a try- and it turned out AWESOME! I’ve been craving it from a restaurant back home and it was such a sweet gesture.

We also went house hunting and chose the home we will be living in while Tyler attends Captain Career Course. It’s newer and nicer than the one we’re in now, but also 400 square feet smaller. I’m hoping everything fits nicely!


Miss anything? Nope. I miss my family a lot though and I’m super excited to see them in early March!

Movement: Yes! I feel her a lot throughout the day and it’s so fucking awesome to see movement through my belly! Seriously my favorite part of everyday 🙂 


Food cravings: No…still no real cravings. No fun, eh? Perhaps I’m one of those pregnant women that just don’t get wild cravings, but we still have a long while to go. Because a lot of things don’t sound great, I’ve been making a smoothie a day to help ensure I’m getting the extra calories I need. No, I don’t count calories, but I have a pretty good idea of what I eat amounts to.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Pretty much the same. I’m still not feeling desserts, but I can do hot chocolate once in a while. Pasta, marinara sauce, raw spinach, and plain chicken still sound gross (I can do chicken in dishes though, just the thought of chicken alone makes me feel sick). The thought of scrambled eggs makes me nauseous sometimes as well, but hard boiled eggs are good!

Workouts: They were nonexistent the 5 days that I pretty much laid around all day while I was sick.

I also got news at 22w4d that my cervical length was only measuring 2.6cm- the measurement before that, five weeks prior, was 3.5cm. This sent me into a panic as I know how real preterm labor can be and that your cervix will only continue to decrease as time goes on because the baby is growing bigger. We are also moving so I’ll be in between docs for a little bit and I didn’t want this to go left uncared for. My doc said there isn’t much we could do at this pint as I’m too far along for a clerege but not far enough along for the shot to help lung development should anything happen over the next few weeks. Plus, they don’t start to be concerned until it’s 2.5 or below (uhh .1cm away doesn’t seem like much but who knows!). So I was advised to take it easy- no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise and to take frequent breaks when I’m on my feet. I’ll be remeasured next week! ***I was remeasure yesterday at 23w3d and it was 2.9 at the shortest length! I’m still going to continue not overdoing it but it’s a relief that it was measuring a bit better 🙂 

Showing? Yes! Although if I’m wearing a big hoodie and sweats I look completely normal, haha.

Gender: Girl 🙂

Symptoms: Sneezing still. Bleeding gums when I floss! I know it’s gross but I was like wtf when it started happening. I floss every single night (super gross when people don’t and I’m trying to get my husband to at least use the waterpik), and I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning during week 21 (teeth look perfect, woo!) and they said it’s completely normal. I’m gonna miss my dentist office as they’re SO nice and thorough (I’ve been to quite a few over the years who have fucked up fillings and crowns)…one of the few downsides of moving!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but my boobs are huge. I was always a 34C, then when I got off birth control and started really running and working out about 4-5 years ago, I dropped down to a 32C/34B. I kept all my bigger bras, but I’m literally spilling out of them. Maybe I’ll pick up a bigger cheapy one somewhere someday, haha.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? On


Had to add this as he’s just so cute!!

Emotions: Kind of all over the place. We sold a few things in preparation of our move and I got super emotional because this cheap ass lady offered pretty much next to nothing for something that was considered “mine” before we were married (it was my moms and though it didn’t have a special meaning in our family, I got all bent about it, haha).

I’m anxious about the move but excited at the same time. I’m unbelievably happy most of the time though, and I’m still in awe when I look at myself in the mirror and see my belly or feel her kicking 🙂

Looking forward to: Moving and getting our new home set up!

I know for sure I want maternity photos done, but I’m also playing around with the idea of getting ones done that are a little, I don’t know what word to use, sexier? Not like full blown nude, haha, but in tasteful lingerie and pearls. I hate a boudoir shoot done while Tyler was deployed and made him a book on Shutterfly and it turned out awesome! I know a lot of women don’t like pregnancy and bitch about blowing up and feeling unattractive, but I’m loving my new curves an growing belly and want to embrace it. I honestly don’t know if I’d feel the same way had we not experienced a miscarriage or trouble conceiving again, but I’m NOT taking this amazing time in my life for granted as it very well may never come again. What are your thoughts on this?

What’s Going on with Baby: At 11 inches and almost 1 pound (about the size of a spaghetti squash), your baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn. His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and he’s even developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gums. His eyes have formed, but his irises (the colored part of the eye) still lack pigment. **Taken from!


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update (Weeks 21 & 22)

  1. Glad that your cervix length has improved! I can’t imagine how scary that was. And, ha, I personally would not get sexy maternity photos done because I am basically a prudish Victorian. But I say go for it if you’re feeling the new curves!

  2. First of all that cervix length stuff would have freaked me too! I am so pleased it has lengthened. I am getting a maternity shoot done this time too! I didn’t with my first and I really regret it. I am totally going to get some dark studio boudoir shots done that are more about the bump as well as some great outdoor ones that actually feature my face and some with Eric and Monkey. 🙂 If I can find the link for the ones I saw that were really nice I will send to you!

  3. Eeeps, I know the feeling te: cervix shortening but you’re on the right track and there’s only so much we can do (and you’re doing it).

    I’d get the photos done. I did and I don’t regret them! Like you say, who knows if we’ll ever get to relive this and pregnant curves are fun. I got mine done at 32 weeks and now heading in to 34 weeks I feel that was the perfect time for me becuz now I’m getting to the uncomfortable stage and I look uncomfortable too, I think. It’s all good of course but if you’re gonna get all sexed up it helps to have enough energy to actually change outfits during your session 🤓🙄😝

    • Lol! I’m glad you got them done too! I thought people might think I’m nuts for sexier ones but I don’t care, haha. I know there will be days I feel fugly, but I’m just so incredibly happy to be experiencing this & I’m embracing it as much as possible! 32 weeks sounds good. I’ll shoot between 30/32. Now I just have to find a photographer out here that doesn’t charge an arm & a leg!

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