Birth Plan…or Lack Thereof?

Now that I’m well into the third trimester (still feels so very surreal to type), I’ve had quite a few people ask me about my birthing plan and if I’m going for a “natural” birth or not. Let me first say that I’m not judging what anyone does. I applaud the ladies that choose not to be medicated, but quite frankly, I really don’t care and I don’t find that a natural birth automatically means good mother. I do, however, find labor and delivery stories interesting, but everyone is different! And most of the women that I’ve talked to and that have gone through a natural birth haven’t had any complications, any moments when the baby or mother’s health was at risk, or weren’t in labor for like 30 hours. With that being said, this is my birth plan:

I’m just gonna go with the flow.

Yep, that’s it. I’m not typing out a long ass plan or my utmost desires, although I will obviously let my doctor know my thoughts. And here’s my reasoning for it.

This is something that is not going to be in my control. I have no idea if I’ll go into preterm labor, or have to be induced, or if my water will break on it’s own, etc. This will obviously be my first labor and delivery, so I have NO idea what to expect. I’m sure I’ll feel a bit more confident once I take the labor classes and read that section in my books, but it’ll probably all go flying out the window once the time actually comes 😉

I’ve had two LEEP procedures done- one when I was only 19 and another when I was 22 or so. The gyno that performed them told me that it may cause some issues during labor, but I had to get them done and honestly wasn’t sure if I even wanted kids back then so I didn’t think twice about it (yes, there was a long period in my life when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a mom. I was going through my own shit and despite making lots of dumbass decisions, I knew I wasn’t fit to be the mother I’d want to be at that point).

My OB at Fort Bliss and my new OB here also verified what I was told years ago and went into a bit more detail about it. Scar tissue builds up in the cervix (where the LEEP is performed to laser out the precancerous cells) which can hinder the labor process. A woman that has had a LEEP may not show any progress in dilation for a long time, then all of the sudden the scar tissue breaks apart. So, she could be stuck at 2-3cm for hours, then the scar tissue snaps and she can be almost fully dilated. Or, there could be so much that she never fully dilates on her own. Fun, huh? Haha. Yeahhh, that sounds like it may hurt just a wee bit, so if I happen to be one of those woman, a natural birth probably won’t be in the cards for me, haha. This doesn’t happen to every woman that has had LEEPS before, but it does happen. I was also recently told that they let women that have had LEEPS labor a bit longer than normal women because of this.

Now, I obviously want to do everything possibly to avoid a C-section, but I cannot control what the baby is going to do. If the baby’s health or mine own is ever at risk and a C-section is needed, I’m completely fine with it- safety is my priority. Same with my husband. He’s on board with whatever I want and doesn’t care if I want an epidural or not. I asked if he thought I’d be less of a woman if I decide I want meds, and he looked at me like I had three heads, haha (and asked why I wouldn’t want anything, haha).

I want to be as present as possibly, and it would be awesome if everything went smoothly and I were able to work through the pain on my own if there are no complications. But I’m not going to beat myself up over it. All we want is our baby girl, healthy and safe in our arms, no matter what route we take for her to get here 🙂


Haha…we shall see what happens when the time comes 😉

There are also a few other things that I’ll mention to the doctors/nurses as well:

*I’m hoping I don’t have to stay in bed the whole time I’m in labor and I can walk around a bit, but who knows, I may want to lay in ass in bed. I know after an epidural you’re bed ridden though so we shall see.

*Tyler will be the only person present in the room. My mom will be coming down a couple of weeks after she’s born (I’m hoping when he goes back to work to help me out!), and it would’ve been nice to have her down here for that, but it is what it is. Plus, I’m pretty adamant on just having Tyler in the room and he agrees- just us.

That’s about it!

Did you have a natural or medicated birth?


What did your birthing plan consist of?

Is there anything else I should take into consideration? I read some birthing plans online and nothing else really seemed applicable, but I’m sure I didn’t think of something! I’ll be starting a six week course where I’ll learn more about what the hell I’m doing 🙂

Who was in the room when you were delivering?


16 thoughts on “Birth Plan…or Lack Thereof?

  1. I think your non-plan plan is perfect. I honestly never understand when people make pages-long birth plans. Like you said, you can’t control ANYTHING in labor. My birth plan was with my daughter, and will be for this baby: Give me pain management if I ask for it. Get the baby out as safely as you see fit. And that’s it. With Lettie, I wanted to try to have a natural birth, but I was by no means set on it. I ended up going with an epidural, and this time I am epidural all the way if it’s possible. It might not be possible with the blood thinners I’m on, so we’ll see. Also, I have 3 friends who have had multiple LEEPs and all their labors have gone super smooth. I’m hoping for the same for you!

    • I’m glad you’re in the same boat! That’s great to hear about your friends that have had LEEPS. I think my doc just wanted to cover all bases and inform me so that I’m not surprised when I’m in labor, haha. I would’ve been pissed!

  2. My plan was the same for Monkey and to be honest I feel like, looking back, I was a little under prepared. I think a plan is just to help mama articulate things that she wants. For example, this time I will have a short dot point plan. Things like – I won’t be forced to labour on the bed. In terms of baby positioning you are more likely to have a successful birth if you are in just about any other position. I was also offered drugs in a really weird order last time (heavier stuff before had for example) which I think screwed up my tolerance level. So this time I will say it has to go has first, then other options. This is important to me because I can’t have an epidural so it is a bit of a special case. I also intend on having in there that I am not to be offered pain relief at all. If I want it I will ask but I will go for longer without it if someone doesn’t try to give it to me. That is also just a personal thing because I know how to psych myself out. I don’t care so much about drug free births but if things are going slowly I don’t want to exhaust all my options too early when an epidural isn’t on my table! Anyway whatever you choose I hope it all goes smoothly and the LEEPs don’t cause too much of a drama. Xx

  3. Oh man I wrote a big comment to this and I think it might be gone? It could just be my phone being crazy. It has happened before. Let me know if you see it before I write it all out again!!!

  4. Hey, former fellow Army wife here (I actually met my husband while he was stationed at Huachuca for career course)! I just had my first baby 9 weeks ago and I went into it with the same mindset, that I would just go with the flow and get an epidural if it got too painful. I ended up having to be induced and was so afraid of the pitocin contractions because of everything I’d heard, and worried that I’d have a super long labor. I ended up getting an epidural at 3cm when the contractions were still bearable but to the point where I had to breathe deeply through them, and it was he best decision ever. My labor was 14 hours, but I honestly had no pain at all from the time I got the epidural until he was out, and he came out in about 8 contractions worth of pushing. Definitely don’t feel like you need to be a hero and go natural!

    • That’s so awesome and reassuring to hear! Thank you for commenting! And that’s awesome you’re a fellow military spouse & your husband went to CCC here at Huachuca- what a small world! Where are you at now? Congrats on the baby!!

  5. My only plan was to go in pregnant and come out with a baby in my arms. I’m glad I didn’t write a plan, but with that being said, I was able to deliver in an amazing baby hospital. I don’t think a plan was needed there.

  6. Our plan is to just get baby girl out safely. We don’t have a plan and I think that sometimes having too detailed of a plan can leave a person disappointed especially if it doesn’t turn out that way. We are going in with open minds and our goal is to walk out with a happy and healthy baby girl.

    • Exactly- I don’t understand how in the world someone can have a detailed plan as it’s truly out of your control. That’s all we want to- it’s crazy that I only have 8 more weeks left if I go full-term (my family and Tyler are convinced she’s going to come a few weeks early, lol).

  7. Going with the flow is a GREAT idea. You’re right that you don’t know how it will go.
    I had “birth preferences”. Was all “if possible”
    1) Amy to be the only person with me (except necessary medical folk)
    2) ability to move around as much as possible
    3) epidural please and Thankyou
    4) delayed cord clamping
    5) immediate skin to skin with either me or Amy if I was unable to.
    6) baby to be given vitamin K injection after birth

    And that was literally it. As it was I was induced and it happened VERY fast. Having very few preferences really worked in my favour as the only thing I didn’t get was my epidural 🙂

    • I love your birth preferences! I’m SO glad you mentioned the delayed cord clamping. That’s something I recently just learned about and I completely forgot that I wanted to research it a bit (pregnancy brain? lol). Same with the vitamin K injection. These are both good things that I put in my phone to bring up to my OB at my visit next week. Thank you!!

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