Pregnancy Update (Weeks 30 & 31)

I’m not sure why, but the past two weeks crept by pretty damn slow. I guess that’s good for a change seeing as the past two months have flown by 🙂 Not much is happening on our end. I’ve started making freezer meals/snacks for when baby girl arrives and noting healthy, easy meals that we can throw together. We’re good about eating healthy (well I am, haha), but some are a bit time consuming and I’m slow as hell in the kitchen, so I thought prepping a little beforehand would be beneficial 🙂

I’m measuring a bit small, so we have a growth scan set for Tuesday, April 5. I’m PRAYING everything looks great. It’s  worrisome, but I just have to believe all will be good- she could simply just be little and the doc said I’m tiny myself (although I’m 5’7″ so I’m not petite) and have remained within the guidelines of healthy weight gain…I got sucked in and googled measuring small at 31 weeks and kinda freaked out… Anyways, I’m trying not to think about that and just be positive, so let’s move on!

Maternity clothes? Yep- I don’t think this should even be a question anymore!

Stretch marks? Nope


30 weeks.

Sleep: Sleep is good when I’m asleep aside from the weird dreams that I still have. I’ve dreamed about the two homes I lived in as a child and teen more times than I can count, and SO many people that I haven’t seen or spoken to in years have made their way into my dreams and it’s pretty fucking odd. I’m getting up 2-3 times to pee but can generally fall right back asleep. Sleeping on solely my sides is a bit aggravating after doing it so long as well. I tend to sleep more on my back and sometimes I wake up like that but quickly move to my side.  

Best moment: Driving up to the Phoenix area for a Cubs spring training game! The drive is a little less than three hours, so we headed up there early afternoon (it happened to fall on the day I turned 30 weeks), had an early dinner then went to the game.

Finishing her nursery! I know it’s a bit early, but since I’m not working or bedridden due to morning sickness all day, I have lots of time on my hands 🙂 I absolutely love it and find myself standing or sitting in there throughout the day smiling in disbelief that this is really happening. I’ll be sharing pictures in an upcoming post.

We also received the completion discount on our Amazon registry so we ordered the rest of the stuff! Everything totaled up to being over $750 (crazy…), but after a few gift cards we received and using our 15% off, it was around $400 or so (the convertible car seat and Ergo Baby 360 took up a good portion of that cost. If anyone is interested, we went with a Diono car seat after researching it for a LONG time, but our stroller travel system is Britax). Finishing the Babies R Us registry is next (waiting for the completion coupon) and thankfully, there isn’t TOO much left on that one, and then we’re done! Well, for now, haha.


Cubs Spring training game! 30 weeks.


Miss anything? Aside from family, nope.

Movement: Yes- although honestly, I don’t like this point. I feel like she goes through phases of being active and sometimes I go hours without feeling her. It’s sometimes nerve-wracking, especially because I’m paranoid…I make sure to count her movements though. 

Food cravings: Carbs- brown rice, mac and cheese, and bagels. Fruit- especially strawberries and pineapple! Smoothies are still really good as well, especially because I need the extra calories but sometimes things don’t sound so great.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Nausea has made it’s way back. It’s not constant like it was early on in the pregnancy, but I’ve been feeling sick every day at some point- sometimes it’s all morning or afternoon long, and other times it’s only for an hour or two. However, there isn’t much that sounds absolutely disgusting-woo!

Workouts: Lightweights, some core exercises, and short walks with Wrigley. My OB said short walks are fine, just nothing that puts me too long on my feet or that’s strenuous.

Showing? Yep. This shouldn’t be a question anymore either!

Gender: Girl 🙂 Nor should this, haha.


Symptoms: Still having Braxton-Hicks quite often and I had a second fetal fibronectin test at 30w5d which came back negative, so the doctor just said continue drinking plenty of water (I’ve always drank a shit ton of water and that’s pretty much all I drink- no issues there) and if I feel more than 6 an hour to come in.

I’m pretty fatigued in the afternoon, but I heard and read that this is normal at this stage.

Belly button in or out? Not completely out, but almost there!

Wedding ring on or off? On

Emotions: I’ve had a handful of hard moments the past couple of weeks. I

Looking forward to: Starting birthing classes! The first one is April 4 and I’m hoping I’ll learn some things and they’ll help us prepare a bit. The ultrasound on the 5th, though I’m nervous as well.

What’s Going on with Baby: Baby should be measuring over 16 inches long and weighing over 3 pounds and will be experiencing a growth spurt soon. She can turn her head and her body is beginning to fill out as she is putting on more fat. She is sleeping for longer stretches of time and her five senses can work now (although she won’t be able to smell until she is out of the womb).

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update (Weeks 30 & 31)

  1. you are so pretty I just love your bump 🙂 Glad to hear all is going well! No doctor google that is the quickest way to mess with us paranoid people! Can’t wait to hear how the birthing classes are! You are getting so close to that finish line yay! Before you know it baby girl is going to be in your arms!!!!

    • Aww, thank you! The birthing class was interesting, but it wasn’t very informative to us because we already had a hospital tour and she just went over what the other classes will be about, haha. We’ll see how next week goes!

  2. Sounds like things are going pretty well. I am sure baby is just fine in there but good you are having a scan to check. My ultrasound always says baby is measuring ahead (dr measures each visit as has scan in his rooms) so we are opposite ends of the spectrum. I have done a lot of research too and so many things can impact how the baby measures in your tummy. When they are doing fundal height if she is laying more sideways than down that will change the length, or if she is engaged at all etc. I hope you have the scan soon so your mind can be at ease. I could write almost that exact paragraph on sleep. Side sleeping is annoying (I also prefer back) and the dreams are wicked crazy. I am so jealous you have the nursery done already. We are still going…. *sigh* Let us know how the scan goes xx

    • That’s SO awesome you get a scan at each visit!! The ultrasound went well though- she is in the 28th percentile, so not big by any means but within normal range- woo!! So now I want to tell everyone to eat it that says I look so small, haha. Just kidding. Don’t feel bad about the nursery- I was on a mission to get it done and with not working, I’m going stir crazy 😉 Although today I watched a ton of episodes of House Hunters- not productive at all!

  3. I just wanted to say I am so excited for you and your growing family!! Feels a bit creepy since we’ve never met haha, but I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and it has been inspiring to follow along on the journey 🙂 You are getting so close to meeting your baby!!! Yay!

    • Thank you! I appreciate your sweet comment. I’ve told myself many times that I was done writing and letting people into our lives, especially during such a trying and vulnerable time. But it was the online loss and infertility community that helped me so much, and I really hope to have helped others along the way. Hope you are doing well and thank you again!

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