Pregnancy Update (Weeks 32-34)

So…I’m technically not writing on the blog anymore, but these pregnancy updates are important to me. I really want to have them to look back on, you know? So today I’m just sharing how things have been regarding pregnancy the past three weeks 🙂

Maternity clothes? Yes- although I can fit into normal workout shorts (I wear them below my belly obviously!)…all shirts are maternity. However, I’ve been wearing dresses or a swim suit a lot, haha. It’s getting hot here!

Stretch marks? Nope. I heard sometimes they don’t show up until after birth? Anyone know if this is true?

Sleep: Good for the most part aside from getting up 2-3 times a night…but when I sleep, I sleep hard!

Best moment: I know you’re never truly “ready”, but I feel relieved and happy that things are pretty much done in preparation of her! Nursery is complete, clothes and all of her stuff is washed and organized, healthy freezer meals/snacks are all made, labeled, and stowed away, car seat inspection is done, hospital and diaper bag are put together. The next several weeks are devoted to “me” time and time with my husband- doing whatever the heck we want! I think this is important and I’m so glad I got shit done early so we have this extra time and aren’t scrambling for last minute things.


32 weeks

Miss anything? Sleeping without waking up to pee a bunch of times and literally rolling out of bed, haha. It’s no biggie, but the only thing I can think of!

Movement: Yep- some days she’s super active and others she’s more laid back…

Food cravings: My sister mentioned and she made biscuits and gravy a few weeks ago and I needed to have it! I bought the stuff to make it (healthy version of course- turkey breakfast sausage and whole wheat biscuits, haha), so I think we’ll have that Sunday night. My normal pre-pregnancy sweet tooth is kinda back. Ice cream sounded so gross to me for like the past seven months, but I’ve been wanting it lately. Although I can’t have much- just a few bites and I’m satisfied….which is still unusual for me, haha. Fruit is still SO good- I got a mini watermelon, pineapple, and cantaloupe on sale the other day and I’m excited to make a huge fruit salad this weekend. Grapes, sliced Ambrosia or Honey Crisp apples, and pears are what I had this week. Cucumbers are also good right now- like even plain, haha. 

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Mexican food is still unappealing. The smell of strong coffee (I haven’t had any coffee at all- just a few sips of Tyler’s iced coffee every now and then).

Workouts: Just walking the dogs, free weights for arms, and stretching! I’ve been using the birthing ball to sit on during the day and when I’m stretching and it feels SO good! I’ve never had back issues and I think stretching and using the ball are helping.


34 weeks.

Showing? Um yes 😉

Gender: Girl.

Symptoms: Contractions have eased up a bit- I did go back to Triage two weeks ago for contractions and cramping and had another NST done. I’ve been keeping stress to a minimum (not over-analyzing the future and whatnot) and it’s seemed to have helped. As I mentioned above, my back is started to hurt…and fatigue which is normal in the third trimester. My stomach is literally rock hard. Everyone says I’m “all belly”, so I don’t know if that’s it or what, but it feels so weird!!!

Belly button in or out? Out…and it’s weird! 

Wedding ring on or off? On

Emotions: UMMM, haha. All over the place.

Looking forward to: My next OB appointment! I’ll be seen weekly from here on out and next week I do the Strep B test and have a pelvic exam done. We’re also taking more pictures this weekend! I opted out of maternity photos and we’re doing our own. I couldn’t find anything I liked to wear IF we had them done (what I wanted out Etsy would’ve taken a month to get done and shipped to me- I didn’t want to risk not having time if she comes early) and I wasn’t too impressed with the photographers I looked at…I don’t know, I was just kinda like ehhh about it. It was fun to do our own a few weeks ago (32 weeks), but I need to learn how to use damn Photoshop on our computer, haha. I figured we’d do a few more this weekend at 35 weeks and then again at 38.


32 weeks.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!