Pregnancy Update (Weeks 35-36)

Today I’m 37w2d! The past couple of weeks have been somewhat nerve-wracking, but all is well 🙂 At my OB appointment during week 35, the doctor wanted me to get another ultrasound done to recheck her growth. This is a huge pain in the ass because they send me to a diagnostic place to get it done, but before it can be scheduled, my insurance needs to authorize it first. Standard, but when your anxious about your baby, it’s annoying with how long this process can take. I was able to get in six days later- the day before my next OB appointment.

Everything was measuring fine (just a couple of days behind), but the tech couldn’t get a good measurement of her head….again. After 45 minutes of trying everything to get little girl to move her head, the tech finally just said she was going to take the best read and sent me on my way, but told me that her head was measuring in the 2 percentile. UMMM, WTF?! Thank God my doctor appointment was the next day- it was such a long night trying not to think about what this could possibly mean.

My husband surprised me and showed up at the appointment which was awesome. He hasn’t been able to go to any of them except the initial appointment here at like 25 weeks because of work which is totally fine, but I was nervous going into this one. We saw one of the OB’s that we haven’t met with before and he seemed really great- I’m glad that I’ve met them all now and will feel comfortable delivering with any of them! Anyways, we gave a quick background of what’s going on and he looked up the results…everything looks fine! The reason why the tech couldn’t get a good read is because of how low the baby’s head is in the birth canal already. He said there’s absolutely no way she could get a good picture at this point and seemed a little annoyed that she told me what she did and didn’t realize it. He also checked and I’m 2cm dilated and 100% effaced…and he could feel her head, haha. This was a little creepy, and no, I ain’t about to try and check myself. Those checks aren’t fun at all 😉 This doesn’t mean much as I know I could stay this way for a while, but at least there’s a little progression!



Maternity clothes? Yes.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: It’s good, but I’m getting up at least 3 times. I’m ready to stop using that damn Snoogle as well (although it’s super comfy!).

Best moment: Getting the good results from the doctor! My mom and my dad and his girlfriend also sent me the most touching Mother’s Day cards (obviously separate, haha). It was an awesome surprise and really made me feel good…It’s the little things- I remember stuff like that 😉


I unfortunately fell off the wagon with taking these pictures…there’s a gap between weeks 25-31 and 31-36, haha. Oops!

Also, I wasn’t planning on getting maternity photos done. I’ve taken a million selfies (sorry, people) and Tyler’s taken a handful of nicer shots with our nice camera that I’ve edited a bit to look cooler (the background and lighting and stuff- I’m still learning!)…so I didn’t see the point of spending money on them. Plus, we’re like super awkward when taking photos together, haha, and he could care less about being in any of them. However, I REALLY want newborn pictures. I’m sure I could do them myself and save a ton of money, but it’s not the same and I didn’t want that extra stress. After some discussion and searching around, I found a local photographer who does newborn shoots that look great (it’s imperative to ensure that photographers have worked with newborns before! Don’t just hire any photographer for this…at least, I didn’t want someone messing with our daughter that didn’t have much experience handling a tiny baby). Anyways, she had a deal going on that you got a mini maternity shoot when getting a newborn session done, so we, of course, took it. However, I had nothing to wear…serious issue, I know. I wasn’t about to go buy something for one day and I didn’t want to wear the dress I wore at the shower (it was outside and just didn’t fit with the feel of where we were at)…so I wore a boho type flowy short dress…it’ll be interesting to see what I looked like, haha. I just hope we got some good pics of Tyler and me- all we’ve pretty much had are selfies the past four years!

Below are a few that Tyler took at exactly 36 weeks. Part of me feels so weird taking lots of photos, but the other part of me gives no F and is embracing this time. Some people may be uncomfortable with belly shots, and there was probably a time I may have given it an eye roll as well…but I’ll never forget the days that I longed for this…that I’d look at very pregnant women and wonder what it was like. I mean damn, I see gym selfies all the freaking time documenting #progress, so why the hell not document my #bellyprogress 😉 Anyways,  my husband did good with the pics, but I’m only showing a few. I was wearing lace underwear in some of them, but don’t worry, I cropped that out, haha. Nothing was showing and they’re super tasteful, but I do draw the line…sometimes 🙂




Miss anything? Sushi and over easy eggs over avocado and cheddar on toast. I seriously want both SO bad. And a turkey sandwich (I’ve avoided all lunch meat).

Movement: Yep! Most active in the early morning and evening.

Food cravings: See above. No real cravings, but smoothies are still great.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Nope!



Workouts: Walks and light free weights. Lots of stretching but nothing of a routine.

Showing? Yes…although I’m not as big as I anticipated I’d be. I don’t know if I thought I was going to get ginormous or what, but I’m glad I didn’t buy more maternity clothes. I’ve actually only worn my one pair of maternity jeans that I found on clearance at H&M for $7- they’re my favorite and don’t look maternity at all! I wish I would’ve taken back the other two pairs of Jessica Simpson one’s I got because I’ve literally worn those once each…oh well.

Gender: Girl.


Symptoms: Lot’s of shooting pain towards my crotch. Doc said this is her resting inside my pelvis. Fatigue. A bit hormonal, but I’ve felt much better these past two weeks than the two weeks prior. Lower back aches as the day goes on.

Belly button in or out?  Out, but it’s not like super out.

Wedding ring on or off? On

Emotions: Nervous and excited! I can’t believe we’re almost there…and I can’t fucking wait to become a family of three.

Looking forward to? Getting one last pedicure and a hair touch up this week (don’t tell Tyler, haha). I know I won’t be completely tied to the house forever, but I’d rather relax and pamper myself a bit now and not be bitching about how God awful my hair looks in a month 😉 I’m just really enjoying this time now, and I’m so glad I got things done pretty early. The house is super clean and organized (scrubbing kitchen floors at 37 weeks pregnant is no fun though), and I can basically do whatever I want right now…sit outside and read, take the dogs on a walk whenever, come and go to stores just to browse around (although our options are very limited in this town…boo), take a nap or watch TV if I please. I know everything is on the verge of changing, and I don’t plan on being a SAHM for longer than the first year, if that, so when and if I do get pregnant again, it’ll be an entirely different experience. I’m really grateful for how the timing worked out…although we like money…so having only a few stores in town is good, haha.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update (Weeks 35-36)

  1. You look fabulous and Tyler did a great job with all those pics. Awesome! I am envious of your fully effaced and partially dilated cervix lol Hopefully mine is doing some of that shiz too!

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