Savannah’s Birth Story

I’m SO incredibly happy to announce the arrival of our daughter, Savannah Claire. Born on Tuesday, May 24th at 1:30am, this 6 pound 4 ounce beauty is 18 inches long and absolute perfection. Today I wanted to share her birth story so we can look back on it over the years. We all know that memories get fuzzy and this is my favorite moment…nothing in the world compares to the love I feel for this little girl and I want to remember it all 🙂 As I’m sitting here typing this, sipping on a cup of chai tea latte, Savannah is sleeping peacefully next to me in her Rock n Play. Despite the prolonged sickness and a few scares along the way, I couldn’t have asked for a better pregnancy, and I loved every second of it.  However, this is what we’ve been waiting for. She is the piece of the puzzle that was missing all that time, and life has never been more beautiful.

Monday, May 23rd started bright and early for me. I didn’t sleep well the night before and was wide awake at 5am when Tyler got up for PT. I needed to pick up a few things from the grocery store, return something at Target, and wanted to stop by Hobby Lobby so I ended up just getting ready and left to do these errands (grocery shopping at 6:30am is awesome by the way- no one gets in my way!). I took my time and got home around 9:30am, then went for a walk before it got too hot out. I spent the rest of the day relaxing as much as I could- sitting outside reading, putting together my planner, bouncing on my big ball while watching TV- living quite the life, haha. My back had been hurting the past several days but it was super bad today. Nothing would soothe it. I even brought my big ball into a hot shower and sat under the shower head to try and relieve some pressure! Tyler got home and we had homemade bison burgers and sauted zuchinni and summer squash for dinner. We spent the evening watching TV (or a movie; I can’t remember) and I was ready for bed by 9:30. We got into bed a little after 10, but the second I laid down on my snoogle, I was blown away by a contraction…and they wouldn’t stop.

Tyler said to start counting, but they were literally coming one after another and I just knew this was the real deal so I didn’t even care to count- we had to go in. We were out the door within 10 minutes and arrived at the hospital about 10:45pm. We checked in and I was sent to Triage to see if I was actually in labor. They took for freaking ever to see me…I wanted to tear some shit up for making we wait, but I couldn’t even move with the contractions- they literally took my breath away! The nurse finally came in and checked me- I was at 4cm. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I said yes without any hesitation. I knew it was highly unlikely that I’d have a natural birth, but I wanted to wait until I was 4-6cm to get one, and luckily, I was already there. We had to wait for the anesthesiologist, and in the meantime, they moved me into a labor and delivery room. These rooms are awesome by the way! The hospital is brand new and the rooms are all super spacious.

During the last several weeks of being pregnant, I kept wondering what real contractions felt like. Well, they hurt pretty darn bad, like super bad menstrual cramps. The nurse said things were progressing quickly as my contractions were back to back, but they wouldn’t check me again until after the epidural was administered. Side note: I wondered how Tyler would handle labor and delivery and was hoping it’d be a good experience for us both (not annoying each other, haha). It was better than I could’ve imagined. He was SO great during the whole process and held my hand during every contraction.


Anyways, right after I received the epidural the nurse did another cervical check- I was at 8cm. The epidural was still taking effect so I continued feeling every contraction for another 10 or 15 minutes at this point. The nurses couldn’t believe how fast the labor was unfolding and that I wasn’t screaming in pain with the contractions. As anxiety ridden as I am, I must say that I handled active labor and the beginning of the transition phase well 😉 I was incredibly calm about it all (probably because I was in so much pain), and was more concerned about focusing on my breathing to get through each one. It sounds super cliche, but breathing techniques really do work. I remember saying I was scared and not ready a few times, but there was no crazy screaming or crying. And once the epidural started working, I was great! Haha.

When the doctor got there and checked me, I was at 9cm. My bag was bulging and he broke it (I guess some women are against this, but I’m not sure why but I’m interested in knowing- I didn’t care at this point. If anyone has the answer, let me know!). He said to relax and rest as much as I can while I dilate that last centimeter. I dozed off for about 20-30 minutes while Tyler kept in contact with my mom. Before I knew it, I was fully dilated and the nurse was explaining to me how to push…

We learned that Savannah was face up and this position makes it more difficult to actually push the baby out. After trying a handful of times, her heart rate started to decrease and the doctor did an episiotomy. She was out screaming her little head off with the next push, and it was hands down the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. They placed her directly on my chest while they toweled her off and I just stared. I always thought I’d cry right after birth if we ever had a baby…but ironically, I didn’t. I think I was in just too much disbelief about how fast it happened and that she was finally really here. Tyler leaned down and kissed me…we were now what I’d been dreaming of…our own little family of three (well, 5 because our dogs are a huge part of us).


I’m aware that a labor this fast and “easy” is far and few between, and I’m beyond blessed that this is my story. I was worried that I’d have a long and complicated labor, but I didn’t care- a healthy baby is all we wished for in the end, no matter what it took to get there. This is probably why I didn’t have much of a birth plan- it’s something you really have no control over. And, after everything we’ve endured since September 2013, I think we deserved something to go seemlessly 😉

I know a few months back I said that I was done with the blog, but part of me still wanted to share the rest of our pregnancy journey…so that’s what I did. However, we’ve now reached our final destination. Though I’ve written about an array of topics (some controversial or that people may not have agreed with), the loss/infertility blogging community that I found helped me tremendously over the past 2.5 years. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” some amazing women- getting insight, holding on to hope, and simply just feeling like I wasn’t abnormal. I hope that perhaps I’ve helped someone along the way as well.


We may be “on the other side” now, but I’ll never forget the heartache I’ve felt. The past couple of years have been the most stressful, emotionally difficult time in my life; however, I know that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. The loss, trouble conceiving again, and deployment have made my marriage stronger, opened my eyes to the types of relationships I have and want in my life, and taught me that patience is absolutely necessary in everything we do. I knew I jinxed myself bv getting the word “Time” tattooed on my wrist on Spring Break when I was 21 because of a boy, haha 😉

I’m signing off with a prayer that helped me through the pregnancy. The Serenity Prayer helped calm my nerves before every doctor’s appointment or when I was simply feeling scared and needed to keep myself in check. Maybe someone else will find this comforting.

Finally, I’m not sure if anyone can recall the video I made announcing our pregnancy titled “Waiting for Our Rainbow”, but I’ve included it below.

I always want our daughter to know just how much she was wanted- how we hoped, wished, and prayed for a long time that something grander than we ever imagined was waiting for us…and it was. I’ve cursed the notion of “time” for years…the 12 month long distance relationship with Tyler; being in and out of school and finally getting my degree at the age of 27 (my fault); it going by so fast the few times I get to see my family each year; trouble conceiving…waiting for new cycles, ovulation, then test results, and doing that over and over while trying to remain sane as you see or hear about pregnancy announcements; and my husband being deployed in the midst of it. Yet, if it weren’t for all of these things, I wouldn’t be the mommy to the most beautiful girl in the world.

TIME has brought Savannah’s heart to me…and the second I saw those two pink lines, my life forever changed again. I took a ton of photos throughout the pregnancy simply because I absolutely loved being pregnant with her. Anyways, I wanted to share the video I made documenting the pregnancy of our miracle. I cried about a thousand times adding photos to this over the past few weeks 😉


We love you, Savannah. Thank you for choosing us to be your mommy and daddy 🙂



10 thoughts on “Savannah’s Birth Story

  1. Beautiful, congrats! I love all her hair.I had an “easy” labor too, and the doctor that delivered me made some comment about not bragging to my friends about that and I was just like, “oh no, I totally deserved this!” Haha.

  2. I love her name and I’m so pleased you had a nice uncomplicated birth. That moment they pass the baby to you is magical, isn’t it? One of the best moments of my life for sure. Sounds like you had a posterior birth (where baby’s back faces your spine) and that’s why your contractions would have felt on top of one another and your baby bothered you so much. That’s what I’ve read anyway. Some women don’t like waters being broken as it is an intervention and can interfere with the natural progression of birth. Also, it opens the baby up to infection and intensifies contractions but as you were so far along when he did it and had the epidural neither of these things would have really mattered. I hope you are healing well from the stitches! Mine has been a little problematic but we are getting there. All the best for the future. It has been nice to have you along as my due date buddy!

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