Simple Ways to Save Money

I’m by no means a financial expert. In fact, I didn’t even open up my first credit card until I was 24 because I lived with the mindset “never buy more than you can afford”. I still believe this to a certain extent, but you also have to have credit. Unless you’re making bank each month, you may need to charge some things once in a while. Anyways, here are a few things that I currently do to save …or not spend unnecessary money.

Nix getting your nails done. I go through phases with painting my nails because because sometimes I become lazy and don’t care (this happens often). I’ve gotten regular manicures done and the no-chip (or shellac, whatever you call it), but I’ve come to think that it’s a waste of money. Regular mani’s are for sure a waste- my nails would chip within 2 days and that’s like 15 bucks down the drain. I think the no-chip is only good for vacations or big events, so I will indulge when either or those roll around. My secret to doing nails at home that will last is simple- I LOVE Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color– I have every shade and love them except for one ugly nude color (don’t buy it). I always do two coats and top it with a clear top coat. The color lasts for days and typically only chips at the ends. If this happens, I just touch them up and I’m good to go for another few days!

WP_20140211_017The other nail polish I love is Sinful Gel Tech nail color- it works great! Both brands are under $3 per bottle. Essentially, I could buy 5 bottles of nail polish for one crappy manicure that will last me a few days! Same routine- 2 coats of polish and top coat. Oh, and buy a cuticle cutter (not sure if that’s what it’s called but that’s my name for it).

I give myself pedicures as well, but will indulge in getting it done once or twice a year. I know many women go to the nail salon to relax and treat themselves, but I can’t fathom spending that much money a month on something so simple. I DO, however, get my hair cut and touched up professionally ever 8 weeks or so. My mom was a beautician so I’m anal about keeping my hair healthy.

*** I wrote this post before Tyler left, and I must note that I’m going to indulge in pedis every now and then throughout the duration of his deployment. This will not only give me something small to look forward to, but I wear sandals at work at my feet get super dried out. Plus, we are bringing in more due to the deployment and my income (however, paying off all bills is our priority, so I’m not gonna go buck effing wild).

Meal plan and eat leftovers. Every Saturday or Sunday I come up with a tentative meal plan for the upcoming week. I consider the following things: what we already have on hand, what we have a taste for, what we have not had in a while, and what our schedule looks like Monday-Friday. I typically make a big meal on Sundays (or Mondays if we have off)- that way we have leftovers for the following day (and possibly the day after) AND I can freeze a small portion to have on hand for later use. Big meals include things such as chilis, soups, pastas, or pretty much any sort of crock pot or casserole dish.

DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR LEFTOVERS. If you don’t think you’re going to eat it in a timely manner- freeze it. I was a huge brat growing up and wouldn’t eat leftovers (if I knew they were leftovers, I’d pitch a fit). There are still certain things I don’t like left over, such as fish, so I only make enough for one meal for TJ and me.

Don’t be embarrassed to hit the clearance (or sales) rack first. I’ve done this for years. Why even bother looking at shit that’s full price if you can get something you like for cheaper? I understand that sometimes the clearance rack is a mess and everything is fugly. It’s honestly hit or miss. Take 5 minutes and scan through before you hit the normal priced racks though- you never know what you might find! Here are a few things I have recently found on the clearance rack:


Marshall’s- regular $50 on clearance for $15


The Limited- Regular $100, on clearance for $20


Target- Regular $30, on clearance for $10

I know these pictures don’t do justice, so I’ll take photos once I actually wear them within the next few weeks. All in all, don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to browse through clearance/sale items.

Don’t do 20 small loads of laundry per week. Okay, I actually have no how much money this actually saves; for all I know we could be saving a honkin’ 3 bucks per month. However, since it’s just Tyler and I in the house, I do about 3 loads of laundry a week. Obviously if you have kids you’re going to be doing more. He tends to have more than I do, simply because of his PT clothes five days a week (which I don’t mind at all!). Tyler used to think his towel to dry off with after a shower was dirty like every time. This makes no sense- you are why is your towel dirty? Use that bitch a few days in a row.


What are some ways you try to save money?

Do you tend to shop at more high end stores or do labels not necessarily matter?

Tell me your best money-saving technique!