It’s a…..

My husband and I have known the gender since 14 weeks and I must say- it’s been a fun little secret to keep between the two of us. We told close family during weeks 18-19, and though this isn’t the sole reason we waited to announce on social media, I know how difficult it is to see pregnancy-related content during the holiday season, and I didn’t want to bombard people with that.Β  Anyways, my inclination of the gender was right! Tyler wouldn’t guess, haha. But in all honestly, we had ZERO preferences. I know many guys want a little boy and women want a little girl so they can each mold them into their “mini-me’s”…or to have a boy first so they can “protect” their younger siblings…or whatever. But our main concern was just a healthy baby.

With that, we are SO incredibly happy and excited to announce that we’re expecting a baby GIRL!






This past weekend, January 9th, I celebrated my 30th birthday and being 20 weeks pregnant. We had a little photo session in our home which was is isn’t that easy considering the lighting isn’t great in most areas of the house and when we take pictures together we have to use the selfie stick, haha. I will for sure get professional maternity photos done later on! Anyways, we went out for brunch to my favorite local spot, then ran a few errands including a trip to Babies R Us. The evening was spent at home relaxing and watching House of Cards…and it was perfect πŸ™‚

Although I was right with my guess, I was still surprised as I always felt like I’d be a boy mom. I’ve never been into princess-y, frilly pink stuff, haha.

We cannot wait to start this new chapter in our lives with our baby girl!



14 thoughts on “It’s a…..

  1. Awwwww your pics are gorgeous! I love that one of you near the sign. I am also having a girl and was so surprised when we found out. I’ve never been a filly pink girly girl so this is a new adventure for me too. Congrats!

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