Pregnancy Update (Weeks 19 & 20)

I can’t believe that I’m halfway through the pregnancy! Words can’t describe my happiness, but we are praying everyday that things continue to go well. We have a big move (well, we’re only moving about 5 hours away and it’s only for about 9 months) coming up in just a few weeks, so I’ve been preoccupied with that and researching baby stuff. Time is going by SO much faster than it did in the first trimester, and I know with everything going on that things won’t be slowing down anytime soon 🙂 Anyways, I’m actually in my 21st week now, but let’s take a look back on weeks 19 and 20.

Maternity clothes? Since I’m not working, most of the time I get up, shower, and throw on nicer sweats, haha. I can still wear my normal work out clothes, but I only have a couple of pair of leggings that I can wear comfortably still as they were looser in the stomach area to begin with and stretch nicely without actually stretching out. Normal jeans can still be worn with the belly band, but sometimes it’s a pain…so I decided it was time to go find some maternity jeans! I’m anal about my jeans to begin with and it’s hard to find a nice pair that fit me well. Though I’m actually loving my changing body, I wanted something I could feel good in and not all saggy and frumpy. I purchased two pairs of jeans from Macys- one pair is by Jessica Simpson and the other by Indigo. I thought it was interesting that they use small, medium, large for their sizing and that kind of worried me, but the size small in Jessica Simpson and extra small in Indigo fit me well! No saggy ass, no extra material between the legs- I love them! Seeing that we live in the Southwest, it’s going to start getting hot in April so these two pairs of jeans will for sure be enough for the next couple of months.


I also got a pair of black capri workout tights and just a plain white quarter length sleeved shirt. I want a pair of black maternity leggings, but the selection there sucked and I kind of ran out of steam to look elsewhere (I can only take so much shopping- I have to try everything on and we all know that’s a pain in the ass during the winter months!). I really don’t think I’ll need to buy any shirts as I have sweaters/short sleeved shirts that were already longer and looser that I’d wear with leggings. I’m sure I’ll buy a summer dress or two when the temperatures start getting warmer, but I have some maxi skirts that will hopefully work.

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Good! I actually only had two episodes of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep! I felt like shit the next day because of this, of course, but it was really nice sleeping through the night more! I’m using the Snoogle every night and I love it! I’d use that thing if it wasn’t so damn big even if I wasn’t pregnant 🙂 Wrigley loves it too as he snuggles up right against it…that’s a habit we HAVE to break within the next couple of months and it’s going to break my heart. Some people think it’s gross when dogs sleep in the bed with you, but he’s clean and I wash the sheets once a week and fluff them every morning…and when you’re husband is gone in the field or deployed for weeks/months on end, it feels damn good to have something that loves you and relies on you to cuddle with you every night!


Yes, that’s a one legged bear on our bed. I use it to shield my stomach from Wrigley when we’re cuddling, haha.

Best moment: Having the anatomy scan done and finding out that everything looks great! I believe she said she’s in the 39th percentile for weight. My husband was an effing huge baby (like almost 10 pounds or something at birth) and I was 6 pounds 12 oz., and while a healthy baby is all that matters, I’d much prefer her taking after me! However, I know now is the time that the baby really starts growing and putting on weight, so we shall see 🙂


I don’t like sharing ultrasound pictures, but here’s a glimpse of her little foot!!!

I turned 30 on the 9th and had the anatomy scan the day before and turned 20 weeks on my actually day which was pretty darn special.


Shopping for maternity pants was also a great moment. It felt so awesome yet surreal to be doing it, and as I tried stuff on, I’d just stare and rub my belly in amazement that this was really happening. I may or may not have cried for a minute or two 😉

The absolutely BEST moment was feeling the baby kick- like really kick on the morning of January 14 (20w5d). I was eating breakfast and felt it (baby girl must love my homemade healthy breakfast sandwiches!), then instantly lifting up my shirt and saw the movements. I placed my hand on my stomach to feel it and just bask in the moment. I tried taking a video to send Tyler but she decided that was enough and stopped, haha.

Miss anything? No…besides the same food I mentioned last time. And I like sleeping flat on my back. While I don’t think I necessarily miss it, it’s just what I’ve always been used to and I sleep better that way.

Movement: See above! I learned at my anatomy scan that my placenta is anterior (meaning it’s in the way of the baby and my stomach), so movements are quite muffled. I was somewhat worried that I hadn’t felt as much as some people said they had at about 18-19 weeks, but after learning this, I felt so much better! I’m starting to feel flutters and ripples more frequently. It’s usually twice a day- once in the morning and then again in the evening or right before bed.

Food cravings: Still no cravings. Things will sound good, but it’s not crazy to the point where I must have them or else. My homemade smoothies have been good for an afternoon snack or if I’m running errands and need something on hand. Raw veggies (cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrots) with hummus or Greek yogurt ranch dip are good! Good cheese with whole wheat crackers and a sliced honey crisp apple. And sliced hardboiled eggs with (very little!) salt, black pepper, and paprika as well. I’ve never been a huge lunch person and smaller portions work better, so I often times make snack plates with a variety of this stuff! We’ve actually been making more healthy dinners (we need to use up all of our stuff before we move!) and it’s exciting that not everything in the effing world sounds awful anymore!


Snack plate! Our kids WILL love veggies despite their daddy hating them. He’s going to have to pretend to be a big boy as I ain’t tolerating that shit with our kids, haha.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Red sauce, ice cream (pretty much all desserts), pasta (we made it one night and I had a little but felt sick and now I can’t even think about it!), and chicken is still hit or miss.

Workouts: Same as last post. Cardio (walking/walking with free weights) a few days a week (actually most days, even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes. I’m obsessed with getting my steps in on my Fitbit, haha), light weights, and yoga. Although I don’t even think I’m gonna call it yoga anymore as it’s basically just stretching. I’m so NOT flexible and I don’t want to pull a muscle giving birth or some shit, so I’m hoping to gain some flexibility over the next few months.

Showing? Yes! You can definitely tell I’m pregnant and not just have a beer belly or gut!


Gender: Girl 🙂

Symptoms: I don’t know how I forgot to mention this before, but my hair has been taking a beating during this pregnancy. My normal long, thick hair has been literally breaking off like in the middle- not from the root- since super early on in the pregnancy. I know I went from bleach blonde back to brown which is a process, but this shit has been nuts. I’m NOT complaining though! I ended up switching salons and went to an Aveda salon where the girl took me back to my normal dark brown color (I was a mousy brown for a couple of months and I hated it. It was like brown gray and seriously looked awful as it kept fading). She also gave me a deep conditioning treatment (I only wash my hair once/twice a week at home, don’t judge- my hair doesn’t get greasy fast! I deep condition my hair weekly with good stuff my mom sends me), but it was different than what I do myself. She ended up having to cut off quite a lot because of how damanged it was, but reassured me that it’s super normal during pregnancy to lose hair whether it’s at the root or breakage further down. I only use hot products on my hair a couple of times a month and never put my tools above 360 degrees, so I know it’s not from anything I’m doing on my end. My mom was a hair stylist for years so I’m no dummy when it comes to hair maintenance 😉 Anyways, I wanted to point that out since I always wrongly assumed your hair got even better when you were pregnant.

I’m also still sneezing a lot throughout the day. Then there’s the obvious- the growing belly and bigger boobs!

Belly button in or out? In, but it’s getting really flat.

Wedding ring on or off? On

Emotions: I’ve been much less moody during weeks 19-20, but way more emotional! Like crying over little things- even things I find heartfelt. Stress might have something to do with this as we’re moving two states over in a few weeks.

Looking forward to: Honestly, viability. I’ve set milestones throughout this pregnancy, and while I know nothing is certain, I’m hoping it’ll calm my anxiety a bit. But who are we kidding- it probably won’t! I’m also looking forward to the move. Luckily, the army is moving us, but there is still a bunch of shit we have to do. I found an OB that I want to go to out there (I will be seen by civilian doctors since the base is so small), and I’m eager to get to Arizona and meet with them and get the glucose test done (I’ll be just over 24 weeks when we move and will need that test done within 2-3 weeks of being there). While I don’t like the actual process of change, I’m looking forward to a new place and moving on!

What’s Going on with Baby: She weighs about 10.5 oz and is about 6.5 inches long- about the size of a banana. Her uterus is fully formed this week and her vaginal canal is starting its development. She also has primitive eggs in her tiny little ovaries now, seven million of them. By the time she’s born, that number will be down to two million (still more than she could ever hope to use) — all the eggs she’ll ever have.

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update (Weeks 19 & 20)

  1. Yay! Such a nice place to be in pregnancy I think. I am starting to feel lots of movement too. It is great. Glad your scan went well and you are feeling well. That snack plate looks great. I am going to try something like that. Oh and ASOS online has a massive maternity range of you need anything else. I got a bunch of stuff recently and am only returning 2 pieces which is a good hit rate I think. Good luck with the move!

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